The Lack of Concern

Written by an anonymous student

Feature photo by McKendree University

Disclaimer: This anonymous student loves McKendree and its faculty and staff, but students deserve to have a voice during this pandemic.

McKendree University has become a hot spot. Not just with Covid-19 cases, but also with stress. For most students, classes started in person on August 17. While talking to other students, they expressed how fearful and uncertain they all were. Part of this fearfulness is due to the students having to sanitize their own desks before and after they use them. In all honesty, only a small number of students actually do this. So, this plan is not doing shit. Also, on most days the trash cans around the dorms and Ames are overflowing with garbage, attracting bugs and other wildlife. Obviously, this does not help the cleanliness of the university. As of September 8, McKendree University has had a total of 72 positive Covid-19 cases since July. That may not seem like that big of a deal, however, McKendree is a VERY small campus and the cases in St. Clair county are skyrocketing. 

An anonymous source has told me that Lebanon Police Chief David Roth asked McKendree administrators if they were planning on closing campus down soon due to the spike in cases.

Their answer: Not any time soon. 

You would think that with all of this stress professors would be more lenient, but some students have not been that lucky. According to another source that would like to remain anonymous, a professor rudely denied their request to join the class over the video chatting service, Zoom. This student respectfully expressed their concerns over the Covid-19 cases in which the professor replied that if they would not come to class in person, they would not be allowed to take the tests. Thus, they would fail the course. Last time I checked, we were in the middle of a pandemic. Most of the positive cases on campus are from student athletes, which make up over half of our student body.

This article is not about shaming or trying to make student athletes look like the bad guys, but with most teams now practicing for their season, I would not be surprised if cases started rising. Students deserve the right to feel safe on campus and enjoy their academic experiences here. It is just very sad and frustrating how the administration is handling these matters. Most students feel like they do not matter anymore and the only reason we are doing in person classes is because McKendree is basically broke. Hell, the only people that have been showing compassion to us is a handful of teachers who actually understand and care about us and our frustration. As students, we know that this is hard for our professors too, and we appreciate the hard work that they do.

But, come on, how many people have to get Covid-19 until administrators realize that this was all a bad idea?