Greek Life at McKendree

By Dylan Powell, Head Sports Writer

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On McKendree’s campus, there are so many clubs, activities, and organizations that are considered Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), that many members of the student body forget that we have Greek Life on campus! Students often overlook emails and bulletin boards in the buildings on campus, not realizing when Greek life events are going on and what they entail.

Here at McKendree, we have the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, the governing body led by director Calvin Wertman. Under his direction is the Inter-Greek Council, a student-led organization who overlooks our five Greek groups on campus. The five groups consist of two fraternities, Alpha Delta Gamma (ADG) and Phi Beta Sigma (Sigmas), with three sororities, Kappa Lambda Iota (CLIO), Kappa Sigma Tau (KET) and Sigma Sigma Sigma (SSS or Tri-Sigma). Each of these organizations has national and/or local history; some of the groups have been on campus for several decades, doing work to support their philanthropies and the surrounding communities where chapters are located. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma

“Being a part of the Greek community gives you the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself,” says Allison Hale, junior at McKendree and member of Kappa Sigma Tau. “Greek life on campus is full of amazing individuals that have become some of my best friends.” 

Despite all of the different organizations available to join, the overall sense of community from everyone—no matter which brotherhood or sisterhood you represent—is outstanding. You can open your horizons and meet many new friends and colleagues. 

Phi Beta Sigma

Kappa Lambda Iota president Emily Lease states, “The experiences that you will have while being in Greek life will help you so much in life. You will make so many great connections and you will definitely grow throughout your time in Greek life.” She added that in her experience at McKendree, that the bonds and family feeling you create last a long time.

“It is a lot of fun!” she shares. “The great thing about Mckendree’s Greek life is that we all know each other pretty well and are like a family, even if we are a part of different organizations.”

Kappa Sigma Tau

There are so many facets to Greek life, with social and service events the organizations offer. You could spend a weekend tailgating, have a game night, and support your chapter’s philanthropies all in one! A philanthropy is typically sponsored by a Greek Organization and often partners with a non-profit cause to help local communities and citizens. It could also be bigger than that, supporting a non-profit who helps nationally and globally. In Alpha Delta Gamma, a national fraternity also known as ADG on campus, the men support Habitat for Humanity and Movember, two organizations with great causes. Habitat for Humanity helps build homes nation-wide, and Movember is a global movement that supports the fight against testicular cancer and raises money for research to find the cure. Another movement is Movember, for the improvement of men’s mental health, which is something many Greek brotherhoods want to raise awareness about. 

Alpha Delta Gamma

Overall, Greek life is a great community to be a part of. Each semester, there are opportunities to join! In the upcoming spring semester, take a closer look at the fliers and emails that will be sent out. It is as easy as showing up to informational meetings with the five organizations and filling out an interest form. If you want to join the family traditions that have been prevalent on McKendree’s campus for decades, stay tuned. 

Kappa Lambda Iota

Emily Lease suggests to anyone interested: “I would absolutely recommend joining Greek life! All of the organizations are great and welcoming!” 

The next time you see someone wearing Greek letters on campus, go ahead and ask about their thoughts on Greek life and the impact that it has made during their time at McKendree. It is amazing how many people would recommend joining and becoming a part of such an inclusive network. We get so caught up in being students, members of athletic teams, and employees that we often forget that right in front of our eyes, we have a community of individuals who care so much in making you a brother or sister. Check out what Greek Life has to offer for you today!

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