Dr. Alan Alewine: More Than a Professor

By Chloe Gamber, Head Academic Writer

Photos from Phoebe McCutcheon, Head Photographer & Designer

Anyone who has had a conversation with Dr. Alan Alewine would know how he can spark up a great conversation! Dr. Alewine has impacted students and the environment overall at McKendree. He will have been with McKendree for 20 years this coming May, along with being an administrator for eight years! Dr. Alewine expressed how he has loved teaching just as much as he did the first time he taught. This is very hard to come by, which is why I asked Dr. Alewine about what helps motivate him. He knew of other universities he could have taught at, but putting the people and the environment first is essential when finding your career and passions.

Motivation through experiences with students and staff is what really helped Dr. Alewine strive to succeed and not feel stuck in the grind of his career. If you have ever taken one of Dr. Alewines classes, you know that he can say some creative things! He feels that on a certain level, this is needed to keep work easier and more enjoyable. 

“His classes are almost addicting!” states Rachel Tucker. “If you want a teacher who will not only teach you math, but how to love math, then you’ll take an Alewine class.”

Dr. Alewine has helped many students with amazing advice. He says, “As I have gotten older and wiser, along with years of therapy, I learned that there are worse things than the little things that happen to us and the little jabs we take at ourselves.” Influencing students through words is just one great quality about Dr. Alewine. As he sees students who thrive for straight A’s, he initially tells them to have the mindset of B’s or C’s students once in a while. He claims that those who don’t constantly focus on grades will have less stress on their back, and things will be easier for them. 

Dr. Alewine once experienced a student who was afraid to give him their exam. He told the student, “You will either have a wonderful life or you won’t, but whichever it is will have little to do with how you did on this exam.”  In simpler words: we are our own worst enemy. It is a great concept to keep in mind. Dr. Alewine does believe we should take pride in everything we do—being prideful in something as little as an email is a great example of how to improve. He has a great sense of humor through his lectures and guidance to his students. His colleague, Provost Tami Eggleston, helps motivate him with one thought: keep students in your line of sight in all that you do at McKendree. Alewine clearly keeps this in mind!

Having others who help motivate you is another subject he feels is important. Dr. Alewine believes that everyone should have at least one good friend. Addie Smith says, “Dr. Alewine is wonderful and wacky. He can put a smile on anyone’s face and he is the best teacher I have ever had.” When he is not wearing a mask, he wears a smile that will only be contagious to those around him! The words of the students clearly show how wonderful an impact Dr. Alewine has had.

While making others smile, he also loves caring for his teeth! He is obsessed with chewing sugar-free gum to help with cavities, along with always doing detailed brushing each day! In his personal life, Dr. Alewine has a few other interesting routines: each morning, he has “Good Morning America” turned on in another room, just to have some background news to listen to. Having a cough drop every morning also helps him get pumped up for the day. He also loves to cook because he loves to eat!  Dr. Alewine has an adventurous side, as well; he is crazy about roller coasters and has been skydiving three times, along with competing in nationals for line dancing! There are so many interesting facts about Dr. Alewine that students will learn throughout his courses. Having such a lively experience with a professor is something special that we all can appreciate. Dr. Alewine is undoubtedly someone who helps make the McKendree experience memorable.

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