Following the Faculty: Dr. Shelly Lemons’ Research Reminds Us the Journey is Just as Sweet as the Destination

Dr. Lemon’s has a new article coming out in the next issue of Kansas History, but the story behind the article reminds us that sometimes the journey is just as sweet as the destination! Please take some time to read Dr. Lemon’s story:

This piece actually has a pretty interesting “McKendree story” behind it. While the initial research was a grad school “rabbit hole,” I picked it up again in Fall 2019. I was teaching HIS 110: Historical Methods, and I made a deal with my students that I would work on a professional research project while they did their research projects. (the whole point? The historical research process is the same–no matter where you are in your career. Intro students and professional historians all follow the same steps.)

That got me back into the project.

Then in Spring 2020, I was part of a faculty writing group with Martha Patterson, Rich Murphy, and Katie Alford. We agreed to work on a professional project and hold each other accountable.  I picked this one.  My colleagues read some drafts and helped me to refocus the piece.  Then COVID hit. But I didn’t stop working. I continued to refine the narrative and build upon my earlier research. I submitted the draft to Kansas History for consideration in July, 2020 and got a revise/resubmit! Success!!

I actually even used the piece again for a unit on professional writing and feedback for the HIS 110 class in Fall 2020. That group of students read the draft and the reviewers’ comments as part of our class assignments. 

THEN Blamo!!  November 18, 2020: I was in a terrible car accident. 

Once I was back home and starting my recovery (January 2021), I worked with the journal editor, Kristen Epps, to move forward with the article revisions. The anticipated publication date was for Winter 2021/2022. But after she saw the revisions, the editor asked to move the publication date up to Autumn 2021 instead. 

And now here we are! I should have the proof pages next week, and the article will appear in the Autumn 2021 issue as one of three academic pieces. 

I am very proud of this work, and I am so pleased to be able to share its publication with my McKendree family.  It really is a part of my McKendree Story.

Make sure to check out Dr. Lemon’s article in press in Kansas History‘s Autumn 2021 issue!

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