A Few Tips on Success in the Classroom

By Chloe Gamber, Head Academics Writer

Photo collected by Phoebe McCutcheon, Photographer and Designer

When it comes to success in the classroom you can always search for quick tips online – however, this does not always mean they are the best tips for everyone’s needs. Everyone has their own unique methods of studying and participating in the classroom. 

Great practice for every student involves creating a routine. According to teachbetter.com, “Foundation of systems and routines can allow for greater student freedom in the classroom.” This is not only required from the student, but also the professor. A good professor describes how possible it is to thrive in the classroom – this plays into the ability to cooperate. Understanding the viewpoint of a professor is a great way to handle assignments you do not enjoy. From the viewpoint of the professor, they may feel there is some beneficial lesson that the students can learn from the assignments. Regardless of the professor, you are always getting a custom learning environment that varies from each classroom. Another viewpoint to consider is how the assignment can relate to you and your career; even elective courses can have valuable lessons that will further your career and skills. 

Addie Smith states that “Sitting in the front of classrooms along with turning my phone off is a great practice I take to the classroom.” Success for Addie involves having an understanding of the lesson, along with being able to be where she feels comfortable. Knowing how to self-monitor your behavior in the classroom will always help you stay focused. Being able to sit where you can see and feel comfortable allows better focus on its own, no matter if you are in a classroom or participating in an event. Comfort through different study styles allows students to enjoy their time away from the classroom. 

Each student has their own organizational style and Peyton Osgood says that classroom success revolves around being organized: “I write out all of my assignments in multiple places to have a lot of reminders so I don’t forget.” Peyton also takes time to write out the key points made in each lesson – she then quizzes herself or has someone quiz her.

There are countless ways to prepare for each class and the only way to truly find success involves becoming dedicated and finding out how you can make your own study practices.

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