Studying Abroad Will Change Your Mind!

By Chloe Gamber, Head Academic Writer

Images collected/provided by Sadie Miyler (Photographer and Designer), Dr. Dye and Zane Phillips

Dr. Dye explains that “Symmetry is fascinating to the human eye, which is why it is in so much architecture.” This involves the psychological need for order which draws us to symmetry. Frieze patterns are one example of an art form that is symmetrically pleasing. Dr. Dye has a personal interest in decorative frieze patterns. The image below is one of their recent dyeing  pattern projects. Dr. Dye truly enjoys the creative concepts that can be developed through these designs, and emphasizes how the “Canvas can alter the way a person looks at the patterns.” This information alone is a lot of knowledge that can help us understand why traveling can create new perspectives on how cultures develop.

Image provided by Dr. Dye

Traveling for anyone will only help you gain new memories and help you discover new ways to appreciate other areas of the world. As humans, we look for routines in our daily lives. This can be beneficial when it comes to your work and school life, but not your life as a whole. Routines can keep us in a loop that can grow to be exhausting – being able to gain a new understanding of others around the world while exploring outside of your personal routine will help you grasp other meanings for life! Life does not revolve around just one concept of life fulfillment and this makes traveling a great source to find out other ways to fulfill your life. Knowing where to find these fulfillments can be very tricky when picking where to travel to.

When asking Zane Phillips about picking where he studied abroad, he stated that “I did not really pick this location specifically because of many other factors, but I did want to go to a country that has a robust culture, which Brazil is the very definition of.”

During your time in another country you are bound to learn new concepts about culture and each community – COVID-19 has limited this for many, but Zane was still able to gain knowledge in every way possible.

“I was there during coronavirus, so I learned a lot about introspection being inside during many quarantines. However, I did get a great understanding of the family unit and the importance it plays in times of distress and hardship. I learned that the Brazilian people take a great deal of pride in their food, specifically their grillwork and barbeques. These are the best of the best, take my word for it.”

Images provided by Zane Phillips

No matter the location you go to, you will always find unique interactions when traveling abroad. Finding great people to interact with was not hard for Zane. As stated previously, in Brazil they had a family oriented community and this allowed him to feel like he was truly a part of their community.

Image provided by Zane Phillips

“I had many interactions that defined my 11 months in Brazil.  One that comes to my mind, in particular, is the time when I took part in my baby host brother’s Catholic baptism.  I took pictures with my host family and it made me feel like I was truly a part of the family.”

Being in another country for almost a year can seem very intimidating. For Zane, he was very open minded and this is the best mindset to take with you wherever you go. Exploring the world through different experiences can also help you explore new things about yourself!

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