Submit to McKendree’s Literary Magazine!

By the editors of Catalyst

Pictures provided by Dr. Jenny Mueller

Do you have a flair for creative writing or art? Want to contribute to a magazine that can help spark change among your peers? Perhaps you have an interesting nonfiction perspective to share? 

 McKendree’s literary magazine, Catalyst, is looking for submissions until March 25! You may have been familiar with their previous name, Montage. Now celebrating their 30th anniversary with a new name, Catalyst’s editors want your poetry, fiction, nonfiction and art pieces. 

Catalyst thrives off creativity and is filled with imaginative works of art, stories, poetry and essays. By submitting your creative work, you can make this year’s magazine an immersive collaboration of submissions that expose the splendor of art and promote change.

The editors of Catalyst (top, left to right: Kirstin Rood, Julianne McGee, Allison Carnell, Hannah White. bottom, left to right: Amber Gillam, Felicity Crowell, Taylor Roth, Haley Moody. Not pictured: Alivia Garcia)

According to editor Taylor Roth, “Submissions to the magazine should reflect the individualistic perspective of each student. We want to hear your stories and see the way you personally can spark change in your peers with your brilliance. We are looking to prove that with just the power of writing and art we can make a difference in our community.” 

Editor Felicity Crowell adds, “A literary and art magazine is about originality; it craves imagination as well as emotion and expression through words and visual art.” 

 During the Academic Excellence Celebration, the newest edition will publish on the web and in print. Contributors to the magazine will present their pieces in an AEC session.  

All submitted art and literary work is read, viewed and considered by Lebanon undergraduate editors. To submit your work for consideration, email Dr. Jenny Mueller ( Editors then will go through a “blind” vote where work is anonymous to editors, so the process is fair and efficient. Once the voting process is done, editors will then publish accepted work in the magazine.  

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Taylor Roth ( For more information, find the flyers around campus or check out the website (! Submit your work to create new hobbies and opportunities! 

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