McKendree on the ‘Gram

By Nat Wilk, Editor in Chief

Pictures taken/collected by Nat Wilk

McKendree University takes many forms on social media across various platforms, but there are some accounts you might be missing out on. Today, I will be highlighting a few accounts on Instagram that you should be following to keep up to date with McKendree-related news. There’s no excuse now, reader – links are included to each of the pages! 

If you’re the type to ignore emails (I know it is not just students who do this) or get overwhelmed by your inbox, consider following these pages to get your information from a different platform. 

The following list includes some McKendree Instagram pages that will help keep you informed on the what’s what with McKendree:

McK Campus Activities Board: @mckcab –

Are you bored on weekday evening? The McKendree Campus Activities Board (CAB) might have something for you to go to! Their Instagram page promotes events that happen around campus and off campus. They do a variety of activities, from providing students with movie tickets to painting to karaoke and more! Fun is the CAB’s middle name, and you are missing out if you are not getting the word on these events. 

McKendree Radio: –

Sometimes, I need to listen to a podcast to get some homework done – lucky for me (and you), McKendree Radio has its own Instagram! No more mindlessly scrolling during a homework break; I can turn on a podcast and listen to my fellow Bearcats talk about sports, culture, and academics. The link in their bio ( will take you to the links for SoundCloud and Spotify, where you can find their podcast. Relax and listen for a bit!

McKendree University Residence Life: @mckresidencelife –

If you are living on campus (which is probably the majority of undergraduate students), consider following Res Life! They update you with information and activities that are specific to residence halls – catch a movie night in Residence Hall East/West or pick up some donuts at the McKendree West Clubhouse. All of the perks of living on campus: right at your fingertips!

McKendree Purple Pit: @mckpurplepit – 

McKendree’s unified student section for McKendree sports is also on the gram! Updates on where and when you need to be to cheer on our fellow Bearcats will be posted here. Whether you’re eating lunch or just getting out of class, the Purple Pit will let you know when you need to show up with your purple, gold and white face paint!

McKendree Academic Excellence: @mckaec – 

Our university’s Academic Excellence Celebration day has an Instagram! Follow to see the highlights of the annual event, featuring work and research from our own McKendree student body. So many cool projects are showcased at this event, and are also shared on IG! Don’t forget to check out McKendree Media at the 2022 AEC on April 28.

Bogey Bearcat: @mckendree_bogey – 

Our own mascot even has an Instagram page! If you’re interested, you can apply to be the next Bogey (see their bio for more information). Follow this account to get fun pictures of Bogey Bearcat as he is seen at football games and elsewhere – sometimes he likes to prowl around on campus. Some information is posted, but this account is definitely more for comedic effect – go give our recently glammed up Bogey some love!

McKendree University Dining Services: @bearcatdining – 

If you’re on campus, you are definitely eating at Ames or 1828 – following this account gives you updates on things like great deals and new meals at 1828. You can also get information about special events at Ames, such as Amesgiving. I know I always love seeing what’s new at 1828 when I’m on campus, so following them is definitely something I’m going to do – and you should too!

The McKendree Review: @mckreview – 

Run by the Review’s own Viola Cipriana, you can get to our articles with a few clicks while scrolling through your friend’s selfies and dog pictures (or if you’re looking at my feed, memes and engagement photos). This account posts McKendree Review articles, and anything relevant to your fabulous university newspaper (absolutely no bias here whatsoever). Feel free to add our posts to your story to help get our hard work out there! 

Our university boasts many social media pages across all different types of platforms; these are just some of many. Keep your eyes peeled for McKendree accounts across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more so that you can stay on top of the latest McK news. 

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