Always Know The Right Tools

By: Marisa Ortega, Editor

This past Tuesday, April 5 McKendree University’s Career Services hosted a Dining/Professional Etiquette Seminar for students to learn about what could happen in a business dining atmosphere. 

The description provided by Career Services to inform students of this event stated, “Enjoy a multi-course meal while you learn about proper dining and professional etiquette, explore what business casual means and have the opportunity to participate in a networking exercise”. 

Photos provided by Jennifer Pickerell

This took place within the Hett and all students were told to dress in business casual clothing to create the business dining atmosphere. Once they arrived, students interacted with others to create a safe, open business atmosphere before starting the etiquette and dining side of the evening. 

After some light conversation was made, students took their seats and learned about the proper etiquette when it comes to business-related dining ventures. They learned about what silverware to use for different meals, how to look during the meal and what manners and language to use when enjoying the meal. 

Photos provided by Jennifer Pickerell

After they enjoyed a delicious dinner, students were able to take home a new sense of dining etiquette that they may have never heard of or thought about using before, in hopes of not only using these skills in a business atmosphere but also on their own time and meals with friends and family. You never know when these tools and skills with make or break your business deal or maybe even receiving a second chance. 

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