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By: Chloe Gamber, Head Academic Writer

This article may be a little late but it is never too late to get involved on campus! If you were unable to attend the career fair, it is something to go to before you graduate to get a glimpse into what exactly goes on here! Not only does it showcase campus organizations but local restaurants and others are also there to help you with perks and advertisements! An example of a great food chain that was recognized is Raising Canes. I have made special trips just for a taste of their chicken. Some other campus organizations that may not have been in the spotlight are the Nurses and Health center. When it comes to the involvement fair, it is not only for student organizations but for overall information and insights into everything related to McKendree.

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Retrieved from McKendree Admissions Instagram 

Everyone involved in helping promote their organization at the fair is excited to welcome new members. These students and staff are not only there to help gain members but they also enjoy socializing and just meeting others at McKendree.

As Marisa states, “I think the involvement fair is an important event to attend especially as a new student. You’re able to learn about what all is offered on campus and maybe even find an organization you never thought of going out for. Being a transfer student last year, attending the involvement fair last school year was an important part of the college experience for me. I was able to learn about different programs, clubs and organizations McKendree had to offer. I learned about Greek Life and different clubs that could help me in the long run. I was able to become a member of KET, join the marketing club and even go out to be an editor for the Mck Review. Overall, I think it’s a great experience to attend no matter what year you may be.”

In case you were unable to meet with Greek life at the fair here, is some recruitment information:

Image retrieved from mckgreeks Instagram page

Being a dedicated member is another part of representing your organization at the career fair. Jaylyn Hauck states “When recruiting for Tri Sigma, we give individuals a better understanding of what Sigma is truly about! When you join Sigma you are joining a sisterhood that has been around since 1898. We become a family and I believe that is what it is truly about! I’ve had many different positions since I was initiated in 2019 but being President is one that I never thought I would have! It is an honor to be a part of an organization who stands for their values and wants to see them in each member!”

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Retrieved from MckAdmissions Instagram page

Seeing so many students who were encouraged to join new organizations during the involvement fair is something we all should be excited about! The last few years have been difficult for all universities and organizations within them. But this is our chance to get back to having a booming community on campus regardless of what you are involved in! There is never a wrong time to jump into something new and this event was just one of the few ways to help students explore new opportunities. Don’t miss out on these fun times you can start having right now! 

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