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Black Boxes

At McKendree, learning has changed drastically. Students have had to adapt to plenty, which has been no easy feat. Zoom has taken over as our way of learning. What isn’t always realized is how much our professors have done to make sure we are still learning. Professors have gone to different lengths and used strategies to try to make the best of this semester for the students, and in return, we keep our cameras off and our mics on mute. Let’s hear their side of it all, shall we?

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Dear Abby

Our very own Dr. Trask aims to teach her students the fundamentals of interpersonal communication. Her class hopes to help McKendree students maintain healthy relationships with these letters discussing how to do just that.

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A Pillar Of McKendree

Tim Harrison, a well-known and selfless member of McKendree University’s, is highlighted in this appreciative profile by Gaetan Soulier. Harrison has a backstory like no other, and he used all his experiences from the past to become the man that so many Bearcats know and love today.

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Delay of The Game

The fall season is synonymous with several things: Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes, those orange-yellow leaves falling, and football. Football is a staple in the fall months, as this is the season for Friday night lights, Saturday tailgates, and Sundays packed with the NFL. Similar to everything else in this unorthodox year, football has been affected by the lasting effects of the COVID-19 virus.

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Through The Fires

Gaetan Soulier, an international student from France, enlightens readers on the devastating fires that have swept through his home country and how firefighters are working to contain them. A local describes living with the turmoil and how the fires have evolved over the years to claim more land.

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COVID-19 and The GRE

So much has changed since the breakout of COVID-19, including the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE).Many students question whether or not they even need to take the take the test due to the new requirements for virtual testing. If you’re stressing about this test in the future, you may not even have to take it.