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COVID-19 and The GRE

So much has changed since the breakout of COVID-19, including the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE).Many students question whether or not they even need to take the take the test due to the new requirements for virtual testing. If you’re stressing about this test in the future, you may not even have to take it.

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Please… Use Protection!

Written by Victoria Sananikone. McKendree students and faculty must look out for one another during this vulnerable time. We have to follow the precautions laid out for us and we have to be smart about our choices. Check out how some students and faculty feel about the news rules around campus.

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Let’s Talk

A contributing writer who wished to stay anonymous details the flaws behind insensitive statements that aim to discredit Black Lives Matter. This passionate piece focuses on compelling logic that is meant to inform us about the scourge of systematic racism.

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This Is Not The End

Written by Emma Matin-Hilker. A passionate advocate for Black Lives Matter, Emma participates in three protests to fight for equality. As a millennial, Emma voices the change that her generation will bring about, and she calls attention to a change that must be made at McKendree.

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Thoughts from Nickie and Anthony

Written by Nicolette Sanlin and Anthony Francis. The titles of Head Volleyball Coach and Associate Director of Athletics are quite honorable, yet these successful individuals are all too familiar with racism. Their powerful words voice a lifelong battle of forced silence from a cruel society, but silence is no longer an option. They stand with you.