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[2015-2016] Vol. 94, Iss.4 The Review Crew

Vol. 94, Iss. 4 Editors Lauren Reeves Editor-in-Chief Anna Belmonte Assistant Editor Editing Team Lauren Reeves Anna Belmonte Teagan Schwab In This Issue Sara Radae […]

Leditor from the Editor

Welcome to another exciting edition of the McKendree Review! We are very excited about this issue! We would like to thank all of our readers […]

A Further Look into the Mold in Clark

BY ANNA BELMONTE Staff Writer Sally Mayhew, Vice President of Administration and Finance, provided a closer look at what conditions in Clark Hall posed a […]

McKendree Role Models: A look inside

BY LAUREN REEVES Staff Writer Captain. Resident Assistant. Coordinator. Peer Mentor. Those are just a few leadership positions that McKendree students have the honor of […]

Thankful Thursday vs. Black Friday

BY GRACE McDOWELL Staff Writer It is the American tradition. Stuff your face with turkey on Thursday while feeling thankful with family, and then push […]

McKendree reads the summary, not the book

BY ERICA POUR Staff Writer On Monday, your professor assigns 80 pages of reading due Wednesday. Instantly, you come down with the Monday blues. With […]

Women’s Volleycats: The Road to Postseason

BY GRACE McDOWELL Staff Writer With a record of 15-8 and a conference record of 9-2, the McKendree women’s volleyball team is “digging” their way […]

Easy College Recipes

BY ALLY DEITERS Staff Writer What college students have time to cook? We have sports, clubs and events that we are all part of, and […]

Are Eustressed?

BY TEAGAN SCHWAB Staff Writer As the semester wanes, students find themselves drowned by stressors like classes, relationships, finances, extra-curricular activities and graduation. According to […]

Are we “Lost”?

BY MARQUIS CHERRY Staff Writer Being unable to find one’s way or not knowing one’s whereabouts would perfectly define this television show. Over six seasons, […]

Cultural Cuisine from Noodles and Co.

BY SARAH GOETZE Staff Writer “Throw a fork on the map and we’ll take you there,” Noodles and Company claims on their menu, but you […]