The Man Behind the Conducting Baton

Merisa Ashbaugh- Contributing Writer Plato once said, “Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.” Driven by a love for music and his students, Adam Pulver brings a fresh, upbeat spirit to the McKendree University community and dazzles those he encounters with his gifted abilities. You’ve probably... Continue Reading →

Entirely Improbable – Gilson Nyrimana

By Zach Breeding, Editor   The sheer impossibility of finding another person in the same situation as Gilson Nyrimana is a better opener than any that I could ever think of. The statistic I searched so long for is athletes who have zero experience in a sport walking onto their college’s team and being able... Continue Reading →

Extra! Extra! Write All About It!

By Sophie Jeffery, Editor Are you a student with a knack for being in the right place at the right time?  Have you ever considered a career in journalism?  Are you looking for ways to create a digital footprint by publishing your written work?  Are you intrigued by a particular phenomenon and long for the... Continue Reading →

Changing Perspective

By Nathan Ploense, Contributing Writer Driving through Lebanon on a late fall afternoon usually yields little to no excitement. During summer the brick-laid road can feature fairs, car shows or families heading to Dr. Jazz or the surrounding stores, but a street which usually has vibrant colors and an essence of life becomes grey-washed as winter... Continue Reading →

The State of Ames

By Victoria Sananikone, Contributing Writer Ames Dining Hall is one of McKendree University’s central hubs where students can go to mingle with their friends during a break from class while indulging in the solace of food. Not merely a haven for the starved student, it also serves as a relaxation zone away from the stressful... Continue Reading →

WANTED: Banner Vandal! Reward Offered!

The wrap-around banner at McKendree University's tennis courts was vandalized over the weekend when a thief made off with a rather odd section of the banner: part of Bogey's face.  If our hunch is correct, the vandal probably has it hanging up in their dorm, hoping to garner some cool-points.  Keep your eyes peeled as it... Continue Reading →

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