Being a Student Parent: The Juggling Act

  By: Sophie Jeffery, Editor Original art by Benjamin Richter On my drive to McKendree, I'm distracted by both Karen and Georgia from My Favorite Murder talking about Ruth Thalia* and the to-do list that is constantly running through my head, so when the van in front of me comes to a dead stop at... Continue Reading →

Al Alone: Issue Five

By Benjamin Richter, Cartoonist/Contributing Writer Issue Five It is                    so crazy. The world is changing everyday. Things get easier or become more complicated. Problems are avoided, ignored, or resolved. Some realize they are complete. Others realize they are empty. But who cares? You. Support me and... Continue Reading →

WRITTEN & ILLUSTRATED BY KIMBERLY BENNETT Editor-in-Chief I apologize for the rough drawings. I have been so caught up with midterms and assignments that I almost forgot about the Emberlyisms! Even though the drawing & design is sloppy, I hope you find it funny all the same!

[NEW] | “Emberlyisms” || Comic #1

WRITTEN & ILLUSTRATED BY KIMBERLY BENNETT This comic was created for three reasons: We decided the Review could use another form of variety (such as comics). "Emberlyisms" was established to publish variant forms of Emily Lucia and Kimberly Bennett's whacky conversations they have on a daily basis. Fox's Sleepy Hollow returns on Sept. 22. Considering both Emily &... Continue Reading →

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