The Gen Z Approach to Mental Health

Laurynn Davey, Contributing Writer When scrolling through your social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, you are most likely to find at least one dark humor joke or meme floating around. Many of these jokes will even find their way onto the ‘popular trends’ lists. In the most recent generation, known as... Continue Reading →

Limitless: A Man and his Brand

Christopher Fernandez, Contributing Writer Photo Credits: Ifeolu Adeoye To some, the ideas of limitations in life have kept them from reaching many different places, but for one man and his brand, that mold is in the process of being broken. Ifeolu Adeoye, a man of just 21 years, has started a fight for the betterment... Continue Reading →

She Puts the K in McK

Mikayla Walton, Contributing Writer Featured image: Facebook/ Kaylyn Ruiz Many students here at McKendree know Kaylyn Ruiz as the woman who works while delivering fantastic customer service with a smile in Ames or chatting with students and faculty alike as she helps in 1828. However, you may not actually know her. Kaylyn, or KK for... Continue Reading →


Story and pictures by Meredith Geyer, Contributing Writer If Saturdays couldn’t get any better, imagine if they were the one day of the week you could have sugar, carbs, or anything truly delicious. My boyfriend, God bless him, has not only come all the way from Memphis, TN to visit me once a month for... Continue Reading →

What’s the Deal with Coronavirus?

Kae Edgcomb, Contributing Writer Pictures taken by Kae Edgcomb in the Office of Health Services, McKendree University You have probably been seeing it on the news. Maybe you have heard jokes about it around campus. You might have discussed the topic in a class. It is hard to escape discussions to some capacity on the... Continue Reading →

What happened to Recycling on Campus?

Annika Beal and Hayley Luster, Contributing Writers As many may have noticed, recycling on campus has been discontinued. Many different theories and questions have come up regarding the reasons for the termination. Where has it gone? Does McKendree actually care about the environment? Well, we are here to set the record straight. McKendree is in... Continue Reading →

Brightspace – McK Writes History

Magdalena Knapp, Editor in Chief Pictures provided by Magdalena Knapp and Mckendree University January 22nd 2020, time 11:50 a. m., PAC Lobby: McKendree writes history. The year 2020 has already been a year full of changes for McKendree University. Not only have we now officially found a new president, but McKendree University has decided, after... Continue Reading →

When Student-Athletes Retire

By Magdalena Knapp, Editor in Chief Picture courtesy of the three interviewees and Magdalena Knapp Every athlete knows this moment will come eventually: One day we all are going to put on our goggles for the last race, tie our shoes for the last penalty shoot-out, and walk off the field one final time before... Continue Reading →

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