Giving More Than the Status Quo

Meredith Geyer, Contributing WriterEnergetic, goofy, caring, feisty, competitive, wearing Lululemon pants…these are just a just a few words that characterize Nathan Townsend, McKendree swim team’s new assistant coach. After growing up in Kingwood, Texas and being a part of an extremely talented swimming community, Nathan developed a love for the sport of swimming. After a... Continue Reading →

When Student-Athletes Retire

By Magdalena Knapp, Editor in Chief Picture courtesy of the three interviewees and Magdalena Knapp Every athlete knows this moment will come eventually: One day we all are going to put on our goggles for the last race, tie our shoes for the last penalty shoot-out, and walk off the field one final time before... Continue Reading →

Sure Shot

By Alec Deyong, Contributing Writer If you ask a McKendree student what there is to do around town, you might be a bit underwhelmed at the response. There’s Cobblestone; there are the tailgates, but there isn’t much in the way of entertainment without making the haul to O’Fallon or another neighboring city off of highway... Continue Reading →

Bearcats Fall Short, But Set Gaze Forward

By Andrew GardewineMany sports teams on campus competed in their conference meets during the spring semester. Many teams' achievements have been swallowed by the waves of other information that have been thrown at the students this semester. This is a detailed article about the accomplisments of our Men's and Women's track and field team at... Continue Reading →

No Pain, No Gain: Most Common Sports Injuries on Campus

By Madeline Cade, Contributing WriterWhile McKendree University has many great academic programs, we are mostly well-known for our participation in NCAA Division II athletics. Between the 33 teams on campus we hold many GLVC Conference titles and a few National Championships. These trophies do come at a slight cost: the physical and mental well-being of... Continue Reading →

Basketball – A Tough Sport for Even Tougher People

By Jordan Heberg Private photos by interviewees With today’s modern game of basketball there are various injuries that may occur. There is an estimation of 1.6 million injuries that have been recorded associated with basketball each year. There are a few injuries that happen more often such as ankle sprains, jammed fingers and knee injuries.... Continue Reading →

When Passion Meets Agression in the Ice Rink

By Caylin Dean Featured Image by McKendree University Athletics Beer, extreme passion and a touch of aggression, the few words I knew that describe the atmosphere of a hockey game. Coming from western Illinois, hockey is not a sport that I ever had the opportunity or desire to watch. That is, until now… On January 25th,... Continue Reading →

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