Wellness Day and It’s Effects On Students

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, some McKendree professors have included “wellness days” for their students to take time off and relax. Due to the exclusion of winter break for the spring 2021 semester, students have been more susceptible to burnout.

Will It Bring Honor to Us All?

Looking for a way to improve your resume but unsure if an honor society is the path for you? Will it actually help? Emily Lease provides valuable insight on the subject at hand.

Nonbinary Houseplants

Do you know what it means to identify as nonbinary? Learn about it here, and discover how you can familiarize yourself with the pronouns "they/them" for the sake of your nonbinary peers, teachers, and family members.

COVID-19: Common or Uncommon In College?

So exactly how common are COVID symptoms in college? This virus has similar symptoms to other sicknesses that college students can catch such as the flu or meningitis. Claire Jennings researches those symptoms and speaks to reliable sources about these illnesses.

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