Al Alone: Issue Six

By Benjamin Richter, Contributing Writer/Cartoonist Issue Six Another school year has gone. It has been quite the journey. Every year starts with the statement "It's going to be different," and it always is. Each day brings a new twist- You never see it coming: Plans change.And when things aren't going your way, -when do they... Continue Reading →

Al Alone: Issue Five

By Benjamin Richter, Cartoonist/Contributing Writer Issue Five It is                    so crazy. The world is changing everyday. Things get easier or become more complicated. Problems are avoided, ignored, or resolved. Some realize they are complete. Others realize they are empty. But who cares? You. Support me and... Continue Reading →

Al Alone: Issues Three & Four

By Benjamin Richter, Cartoonist/Contributing Writer   Issue Three It is weird being human. There are so many opportunities and ways to connect. We can convey so many emotions and articulate exactly how we feel. Why don't we do this to help each other? Why is understanding not a priority? Sometimes the world is cruel. At least there... Continue Reading →

Al Alone: Issue Two

By Benjamin Richter, Cartoonist/Contributing Writer Issue Two Al is just like the rest of us. He has been friend-zoned. Is there a more alienating experience? Support me and see more! Instagram: @brichstudios - Facebook: B-RICHstudios. For questions, comments, or concerns, contact Benjamin Richter at All images created by Benjamin Richter. 

Al Alone: Introduction & Issue One

By Benjamin Richter, Cartoonist/Contributing Writer Series Intro Earth looks very different from 250 million miles away. Growing up near Mars, Al never imagined traveling far from home.  In an exploration of a surrounding galaxy, Al's spaceship collides with a satellite and sends his ship spiraling towards our planet.  In this new world, Al attempts to make... Continue Reading →

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