Inside A Peaceful Protest

Written by Haley Rey. Incoming junior Haley Rey discusses a peaceful protest she attended in Columbia, IL. She prompts us with the hard questions while explaining her take on police reform.

Thoughts from Nickie and Anthony

Written by Nicolette Sanlin and Anthony Francis. The titles of Head Volleyball Coach and Associate Director of Athletics are quite honorable, yet these successful individuals are all too familiar with racism. Their powerful words voice a lifelong battle of forced silence from a cruel society, but silence is no longer an option. They stand with you.

No Justice, No Peace

Written by Abigail Rumpp, contributing writer. Incoming junior Abigail Rumpp describes her experience protesting in her hometown. She recounts her feelings as she protested in honor of Black Lives Matter in the conservative state of Tennessee.

More Than Just A Game

By Blake Johnson Photo: Blake Johnson There are many wonders and joys in life, whether it’s a shiny day, a smile from someone’s face, or in this case, playing a sport. Most of the time, we as athletes grow our love for a sport in our early stages of life. From growing up with a... Continue Reading →

Reflections: McKendree survivors

By Nathan Ploense, Contributing Writer A year at McKendree cannot go by where Residence Life holds its famed Sex in the Dark program. While usually aimed at freshman, it offers the opportunity for students to ask sex and gender questions, in a judgment free area, and receive general answers back. Though proven to be a... Continue Reading →

Governor #42: Bruce Rauner

By Victoria Sananikone, Assistant Editor With the midterm election peeking over the horizon, some may say that governor Bruce Rauner has a storm coming for him. The candidates running for governor are strong and unique within their stances on how to further the success of the state of Illinois. However, Bruce Rauner has already succeeded... Continue Reading →

Tattoos With a Story

By Halle Douglass Actor Johnny Depp once said, “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” There is not a day that goes by where I do not see a student or professor on campus with at least one tattoo on their body. Most of the tattoos are simple and small, like... Continue Reading →

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