Unpaid Internships

By Elexis Baltimore, Editor Intern...what? Although internships have been an ongoing opportunity for students to gain first-hand experience, the issues regarding pay have become discussed more often in recent years. The stigma regarding internships has for years leaned towards the issue (and fear) of running errands and getting cups of coffee for your new bosses... Continue Reading →

The Best Kind of Party? A Star Party. A beginners guide to finding constellations, spotting planets, and learning moon phases while at McKendree.

By Gabrielle Madewell, Contributive Writer One magical thing McKendree has to offer, outside of its great wifi and very organized housing arrangements, is something that does not even factor into tuition: the night sky. While you may just think of stars as a silent backdrop to your everyday life, there is a lot more to... Continue Reading →

Rob Watkins – Being More Than Just a Student

By Shelby Procko, Contributing Writer McKendree Senior Robert Watkins is both the president and founder of the McKendree chapter of Sigma Alpha Phi, also known as The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). He is a business administration major with a minor in leadership studies. When asked what he planned to do with his... Continue Reading →

Student Discounts

By Sophie Jeffery, Editor It’s a given that college is expensive, but the good news is every other aspect of our lives doesn’t have to be!  Many businesses, local and nationwide, provide opportunities for students to save a little extra cash.  One of the biggest and newest student discounts is from Spotify.  They have recently teamed... Continue Reading →

Allora McCullough: Uncomfortability, Sculpture, and Accessibility

By Brent Nicholson, Contributive Writer (All pictures by Allora McCullough) “The honest truth,” Allora McCullough reveals, “is that I had transferred four times and McKendree was the fastest way to graduate.” Allora McCullough graduated from McKendree, but she attended Belmont University, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and St Louis University prior to settling into the Economics... Continue Reading →

McKendree Buckles Down on Parking Violations

By Merisa Ashbaugh Most students groan and indignantly pay (or procrastinate paying) their parking tickets they are issued on campus. However, paying up is becoming more of a challenge since the tickets have exponentially increased from $20 to $35 just last year and from $35 to $50 this school year. Some students make the case that... Continue Reading →

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