Model UN Success

All images from Katherine Gemmingen, Editor Last week, McKendree University had yet another success. McKendree represented Poland at the 59th Midwest Model United Nations conference in St. Louis February 20-23. Senior Andrew Wagner won an Outstanding Delegate Award. Other students attending the conference were Haylee Christ, Aron Durant, Justin Fausz, Taylor Ganz, Katherine Gemmingen, Cameron Nollman,... Continue Reading →

Join the Green Side, Learn About Recycling on Campus / Make McKendree Green

By Ashley Hathaway, Contributing Writer As a student of McKendree, I have always cherished the faculty and staff that encourage students to be involved highly in academics, sports, and the variety of clubs on campus. While students are constantly encouraged to be involved and often see promotion of different athletic events and club meetings across... Continue Reading →

Cobblestone Eatery and Drinkery

By Jawaun Jackson, Contributing Writer Pictures by Jawaun Jackson Frequently visited by the student body of McKendree for the drinkery and nightlife, Cobblestone boasts a pretty tasty menu during weeknights and weekend mornings. I first visited the establishment for nourishment between dawn and noon; in simpler terms I came for brunch. I was at an... Continue Reading →

Honoring National Veterans Day

By Magdalena Knapp, Editor On Sunday, November 11th, the United States of America stands still for a day to honor all men and women who served in the military for their country. Most of us have someone in our family who has either served as an active member in one of the many wars, or... Continue Reading →

Reflections: McKendree survivors

By Nathan Ploense, Contributing Writer A year at McKendree cannot go by where Residence Life holds its famed Sex in the Dark program. While usually aimed at freshman, it offers the opportunity for students to ask sex and gender questions, in a judgment free area, and receive general answers back. Though proven to be a... Continue Reading →

Governor #42: Bruce Rauner

By Victoria Sananikone, Assistant Editor With the midterm election peeking over the horizon, some may say that governor Bruce Rauner has a storm coming for him. The candidates running for governor are strong and unique within their stances on how to further the success of the state of Illinois. However, Bruce Rauner has already succeeded... Continue Reading →

Illinois’ Republican Candidate -Mike Bost

By Kenneth Spisak Mike Bost is from Murphysboro, Illinois and has represented Illinois as a member of the Illinois House of Representatives, on behalf of the 115th district from 1995-2015. Now, Bost is a representative for Illinois’ 12th congressional district after emerging victorious in the 2014. Mike Bost likes to be known as one of... Continue Reading →

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