Speedrunning In College

Speedrunning is probably a foreign concept to most people and it may seem like regular gaming. However, this practice is highly competitive just like any other sport. Ameen Azmi takes us through his life as a world record holder in speedrunning.

Impeachment: What’s The Point?

Impeachments are rare in US history, but we have seen plenty about it in the most recent full presidential term. This article shines a bit more light on the story behind the latest impeachment processes.

New Adaptations in Sports Information

McKendree’s Sports Information has had a busy semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Graduate assistants hired by the university have taken on the responsibility of scheduling along with newly appointed Sports Information Director Mike Morgan.

Grizzly Strength Meets McKendree Athletics

WIth a “winning mentality” and high expectations, Grizzy Strength’s very own Coach Zach has transformed how McKendree athletes enter the weight room. Attitudes are lifted along with their strength, and Isabella includes athletic commentary from students of different sports who show their appreciation of how Coach Z is “shifting” the program.

The Bachelor–Controversy and Mean Girls

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are widely popular shows. The most recent season of The Bachelor had its regular dose of drama to entertain the audience. The show is known for its drama, but just how intense does it get?

Marvel’s Newest Vision

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a new addition to their franchise called WandaVision. This miniseries takes you back in time to your favorite sitcoms creating parallels with the Avengers movies. Mikayla Walton, a fan and a fellow McKendree student, tells you just how you can get caught up on your superhero lore.

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