Miss Perfect

BY TAQUISHA DRISDELL, EDITOR Irma Maciukaite is from a small town in Pasvalys, Lithuania known as Sinkhole Park.  Maciukaite attended Petro Vileisio Gymnasium High school where she won the Lithuania championship as a senior.  After high school, she attended Western Kentucky University but decided to leave, because they cut her scholarship. After this misfortune, Agne... Continue Reading →

The Key to Victory

BY WILL BASLER, STAFF WRITER Players and fans alike have their ways of avoiding bad luck. For fans, it may be sitting in the same spot you were sitting when your team won the big game. It may be wearing the same shirt you wore to work the day your favorite player got drafted. It... Continue Reading →


BY DONNA BICK, EDITOR Does this image to the left depict chaos? Yes, it does! But according to The Psychological Meaning of Chaos: Translating Theory into Practice, “[c]haos is seen as a healthy and essential part of the creation process.” Despite his chaotic surroundings, Dr. Greenfield has a mind like an organized rolodex when it... Continue Reading →

Give Big to the Pig

What is Give Big to the Pig? Give Big to the Pig is a fun way for McKendree students, faculty and staff to share in the spirit of philanthropy. Besides being a cool keepsake, the purple pigs make it easy and painless to give a little something back – in a feel good and fun... Continue Reading →

Senior Class Gift

    Senior Class Gift- The What. The Why. The Senior Class Gift (SCG) encompasses a proud tradition of senior classes making a gift to McKendree University’s Annual Fund. Every graduating class member is asked to make a gift of $20.15 in support of their alma mater. Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Make your... Continue Reading →

Bringing Service into the Classroom

BY JENNA MORRIS & MAGGIE MUELLER, STAFF WRITERS Community service plays a large role at McKendree University.  Many students are actively involved with the Lyn Huxford Center for Community Service (CCS) and take time out of there busy schedules to give back to our community.   One way that McKendree also gets students involved is by... Continue Reading →

Running Corner

BY TAQUISHA DRISDELL, EDITOR Theme of the Week: Aerobic Endurance                                                              The topic on every runner's mind, whether you're a casual or competitive runner, is how... Continue Reading →

A.L.P.H.A.- A Great Organization!

BY DONNA BICK, EDITOR Once again the ladies of A.L.P.H.A., also known as Amazing Ladies Pursuing Holistic Appreciation are in full swing. Several ladies turned out to at their latest meeting see who would be the new President of A.L.P.H.A. and Denise Adams-Jones was elected. CONGRATULATIONS! Denise Adams-Jones is a Health and Wellness Major here... Continue Reading →

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