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[Vol. 93, Iss. 5] || The McKendree Review Crew

  Vol. 93, Iss. 5 Editors Kimberly Bennett Editor-in-Chief Mindy Allen Assistant Editor Emily Lucia Assistant Editor / Web Manager Editing Team Mindy Allen Kimberly Bennett […]

[Iss. 5] || Leditors | A Letter from the Editors

Hello everyone, In this issue, you will be reading about Edwin Edgar Voigt from the Archives, the problem with event parking at McKendree University, McKendree […]

[Iss. 5] || From the Archives… President Edwin E. Voigt

BY KATIE HERATH Staff Writer Everywhere you look, McKendree continues to grow. For example, attendance for undergraduates has reached an all-time high; we also have […]

[Iss. 5] || Events Parking at McKendree: Is This an Issue?

BY MORGAN ROSCOW Contributing Writer Parking at McKendree University has grown into a bigger issue in the past few years due to the increasing influx […]

[Iss. 5] || To Yak or not to Yak?

BY JENNA MORRIS Contributing Writer College students spend a large part of their days on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest.  […]

[Iss. 5] || There May Be a Few Uninvited Visitors Within McKendree’s Walls

BY LAUREN APETZ Staff Writer Have you ever heard unexplained noises while you sleep? Do you feel as though you are being watched? If you […]

[Iss. 5] || Campus Oddities

COMPILED BY THE MCKENDREE REVIEW The following images were sent by fellow faculty, staff members and students of McKendree University. We did not receive many photos; […]

[Iss. 5]|| Help Fight Off STRESS!

BY KALEIGH ADMIRE Staff Writer Stress is something every college student goes through. If you have not been stressed yet this year, consider yourself lucky. […]

[Iss. 5] || Where to Shop for the Fall: McKendree Style

BY ERICA POUR Contributing Writer We all love new clothes, but if you’re like me, you’ve already realized that trying to find the latest fashions […]

[Iss. 5] || Sleepy Hollow: A Show You Cannot Miss

A Television Series Review BY KIMBERLY BENNETT Editor-in-Chief Last fall, Sleepy Hollow made its way to Fox and after three episodes, the show was renewed […]

[Iss. 5] || Emberlyisms #5

WRITTEN & ILLUSTRATED BY KIMBERLY BENNETT Editor-in-Chief I apologize for the rough drawings. I have been so caught up with midterms and assignments that I […]

[Iss. 5] || Now Showing at the Hett

PROVIDED BY THE HETT Promoted by the McKendree Review Come to the Hett in November and support McKendree’s Music and Dance departments.