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[Vol. 93, Iss. 6] || The McKendree Review Crew

Vol. 93, Iss. 6 Editors Kimberly Bennett Editor-in-Chief Mindy Allen Assistant Editor Emily Lucia Assistant Editor / Web Manager Editing Team Mindy Allen Kimberly Bennett Donna […]

[Iss. 6] || Leditors | A Letter from the Editors

Hello everyone, In this issue, you will be reading about an interview with Dr. Dennis in regards to the recent hate crime on campus. You […]

[Iss. 6] || McKendree University Responds to Hate Crime on Campus

BY CHELSEY WHEELER Contributing Writer Last month, the community of McKendree University was shocked by the e-mail announcement informing the campus that one of our […]

[Iss. 6] || Back to the 80s

BY BRITANI BEASLEY Staff Writer” Interviewee: Brent and Lauren Reeves (B-Dub and Laurie Lou) Father/daughter duo, B-Dub and Laurie Lou, known regularly as Brent and […]

[Iss. 6] || Spread the Awareness of National Diabetes Month

BY EMILY LUCIA Assistant Editor November is National Diabetes Month, and diabetics around the world are raising awareness. On social media, organizations like Juvenile Diabetes […]

[Iss. 6] || Rhonda Tibbs & Her Cloud

BY COURTNEY WINKLER, M.A.T. Adjunct Instructor On Veterans Day, local author Rhonda Tibbs spoke at McKendree University about her novel Song of the Snowman.  As […]

[Iss. 6] ||Kappa Lambda Iota Presents Fun Obituaries from their Fundraiser

PROVIDED BY KAPPA LAMBDA IOTA  These obituaries are from a fundraiser presented by Kappa Lambda Iota. Students, faculty and staff were invited to donate one […]

[Iss. 6] || “Annabelle” Fails to Raise the Bar

A FILM REVIEW BY MORGAN ROSCOW Contributing Writer The newly released horror flick Annabelle, a spin-off of The Conjuring which is about the demonic porcelain […]

[Iss. 6] || Kicking Off Hunger & Homelessness Week

PROVIDED BY LYN HUXFORD CENTER FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE (CPS)   From Nov. 13-22, CCS will be sponsoring Hunger and Homelessness Week. Don’t miss out on the […]

[Iss. 6] || “i saw Him

BY JUSTIN KENNON Contributing Writer i saw Him With closed eyes And tears of shame i saw Him Covered in light With arms stretched out […]

[Iss. 6] || “The Moon”

BY JUSTIN KENNON Contributing Writer He doesn’t care if you stare up at him. He’s just doing the job he does each night. Rising then […]