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【McKendree Review】McKendree University || Academic Excellence Celebration Day

BY KIMBERLY BENNETT On April 24, 2014, McKendree University held its first (and now annual) Academic Excellence Celebration Day event in which students, faculty and […]

The Review Crew

Vol. 92, Iss. 6 Editors Kimberly Bennett Co-Editor-in-Chief Natalie VanBooven Co-Editor-in-Chief Mindy Allen Assistant Editor Emily Lucia Assistant Editor / Web Designer Editing Team Mindy Allen […]

“Leditor” ~Letter from the Editors

Hello, As you all know, this is the last issue for the McKendree Review of the 2013-14 academic year. It has been a blast working […]

Why Greek Life is for Every College Student

BY BRITANI BEASLEY “Nothing like you expected, but everything you’re looking for.”  Like most college students coming to McKendree University, I was not only nervous […]

A Profile of McKendree’s Model U.N. Program

BY BRYAN GROSS For most of us here at McKendree the time of year when Model U.N. rolls around is nothing more than a time […]

Do you Feel Safe on Campus?

BY JANELLE JANKOWSKI As stated on McKendree University’s website, Public Safety has the duty to ensure students feel safe on campus:  “In order to ensure […]

Alarums, Excursions and Politics in Thailand: Part 3

BY NATALIE VAN BOOVEN Sept. 19, 2006 was a watershed day in Thailand. On that day, after crossing the line once too often, Prime Minister […]

The “Kill Switch”

BY SHARON BEARD Every morning, millions of people board the subway paying more attention to their cellular phone than their surroundings. A passenger checks his […]

The Voices of Reason

QUESTION:  I am a first-generation student; my parents do not seem to understand the importance of my education. I have been taking out loans to […]


A FILM REVIEW BY MICHAEL FEEZER Director Jaume Collet-Serra brings us the suspenseful and nerve-racking film, Non- Stop. This 2014, action-packed movie stars Schindler’s List‘s Liam Neeson along […]


A FILM REVIEW  BY KYLE JACKSON Have you ever watched or read a biography that has had you thinking, “What would this world be like […]

Wait…This is a Gay Bar?

BY JOE HILDERBRAND The second semester of the academic year for college students is always the roughest half.  For some, returning to classes scheduled at […]

Fake Bake: Pros & Cons

BY JANELLE JANKOWSKI Summer is right around the corner, and what easier way would there be to get that sun-kissed- Floridian look than to hit […]

Creative Writing: Poems

BY THOMAS (TJ) HAMIL Cracked Grass Handlebars I used to ride my bicycle with my sister – before we fought about things like who mom […]

Sudoku Answer to Sudoku #121 (Hard)

Thank you for participating in our last round of Sudoku for the year. There will be more next year so if you enjoy puzzles, look […]

The Review Crew

Vol. 92, Iss. 5 Editors Kimberly Bennett Co-Editor-in-Chief Natalie VanBooven Co-Editor-in-Chief Mindy Allen Assistant Editor Emily Lucia Assistant Editor / Web Designer Editing Team Mindy Allen […]

“Leditor” ~Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors Hello, As you know, the semester is coming to an end, but the McKendree Review will have one more issue after […]

Too Burned out for School?

BY KATI MELTON With finals week quickly approaching, McKendree students, who have procrastinated with their finals projects, papers and homework assignments, are frantically trying to […]

Mehgan Birdsong: A Woman Making a Difference

BY BRITANI BEASLEY St. Louis Native and McKendree University senior, Meghan Birdsong is a Speech Communication major, with a Public Relations emphasis, and has a […]

Roszell Mosely: Born Again

BY JANELLE JANKOWSKI Even though women are stereotypically associated with having stress-related weight issues, this is most certainly not always the case. Roszell Mosely, a […]

The Act of Painting: Brian D. Smith

BY MEGHAN DOHOGNE In a recent exhibit at the McKendree University Gallery of Art, artist Brian D. Smith showcased the style of painting. Smith creates […]

E-cigarettes on McKendree Campus

BY MINDY ALLEN In March, a campus email explained that the smoking policy of McKendree University has been revised to include e-cigarettes, which are banned […]

Take a Breath, the End Draws Near

BY BRITANI BEASLEY As we approach the end of the school year, students find it difficult to maintain attendance, participation and interest in their courses. […]

Earth Science and Astronomy: More Related than You & Your Mother

BY STEFANIE STRACK Many people think of Earth Science and Astronomy as two vastly different branches of science, and never give any thought as to […]

Town Gown: Connecting With…Lebanon “Vs.” McKendree

BY BRITANI BEASLEY In a small community of 5,523 people, Lebanon, Ill. is a tight knit community full of hometown pride and yearly celebrations that […]

Hidden Treasures: McKendree’s Archival Museum

BY ANDREW OLDEN Bothwell Chapel stands as an iconic piece on the McKendree campus, most often admired for its age and beauty.  When asking your […]

The Voices of Reason

Question:  Hello, I am graduating this semester, and still haven’t found a job yet. Should I keep looking for one that goes with my degree […]

“Native Son”

A Book Review BY KIMBERLY BENNETT At the beginning of 2014, 32 out of 50 states in America still sentence criminals with the death penalty. Lethal […]

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

A Film Review BY EMILY LUCIA In his first post The Avengers appearance, Captain America certainly returned with a punch. With twists and turns you will […]

Recipe: Kimberly’s Sweet Italian Salad

I do not have a recipe because I make the salad based on pretty much whatever amounts of ingredients I want to put into it, […]


Solution to the last Sudoku Challenge: New Sudoku Challenge:   The solution to the latest Sudoku will be included in the next issue.

Announcement from Phi Kappa Phi

I apologize for the late addition, but thank you to Marsha Goddard, M.A. for reminding me to include this event advertisement. ~Kimberly    

The Review Crew

  Vol. 92, Iss. 4 Editors Kimberly Bennett Co-Editor-in-Chief Natalie VanBooven Co-Editor-in-Chief Mindy Allen Assistant Editor Emily Lucia Assistant Editor / Web Designer Editing Team […]

“Leditor” ~ Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors Hello, As many of you know, the first paper issue has been distributed across campus throughout the week. In this issue, […]

Hidden Treasures: The Dillard Collection

BY ANDREW OLDEN Staff Writer Taking a trip to the basement level of Holman Library is not in the general travels of most members of […]

McKendree’s Scott Campus: Center at Scott

BY GRETCHEN BUEHRLE Contributing Writer Did you know that the Lebanon Campus is not the only facility McKendree uses to offer courses to Bearcat students? […]

Alarums, Excursions and Politics in Thailand: Part 2

BY NATALIE VAN BOOVEN Co-Editor-in-Chief (Refer to Thailand Part 1 prior to reading) Before I describe the events that led up to the political crisis […]

The Crisis in Ukraine and Crimea: Russia Interferes

BY EMILY LUCIA Assistant Editor For several months, The Ukraine has been in turmoil. Rioters and protesters, unhappy with the Ukrainian government, have plagued the […]

Absence Policies

BY BRITANI BEASLEY Staff Writer Throughout the school year, many McKendree University students worry about the university’s attendance policy. If you have been sick, if […]

Online Dating

BY MALIKA KNOX Contributing Writer Social networking is like a stalker; it follows you everywhere you go. It would be almost impossible for a student […]

Attending Events…For a Grade?

BY MINDY ALLEN Assistant Editor Grades are important, especially in college. They might be the deciding factor when applying for a career or they might […]

Two Factor Authentication – Why Your Password Just Won’t Do Anymore

BY KEVIN SCHAEFER Contributing Writer We all know that we are supposed to use “good” passwords for our accounts. This usually means that the password […]

Women of 2014 on Forbes Billionaire List

BY MINDY ALLEN Assistant Editor Oprah Winfrey, the self-made queen of talk, is one of the most recognizable Forbes billionaires. She is also notable because […]

McKendree Takes Home Fifteen Awards at Nationals

BY JOSEPH BLASDEL, PhD. Contributing Writer The McKendree University speech and debate team took home 15 awards at three national tournaments: the National Parliamentary Tournament […]

McKendree Women’s Wrestling Meets the Girl Scouts

BY COURTNEY WINKLER, M.A.T. Adjunct English Instructor Contributing Writer  Proud of the fact Women’s Wrestling is in its first year at McKendree University under the […]

Phoenix Recycling & Shredding

BY BRITANI BEASLEY Staff Writer Just 13 miles away from McKendree University sits Phoenix Recycling and Shredding (PRS) in Belleville, Ill. According to Dave Jaques, […]