How’s that for Perseverance?

BY KIMBERLY BENNETT _______________________________ Three years ago, I never thought I would be where I am today in my college experience. When I started college at McKendree University in the fall of 2011, I was considering accounting. However, there was just one large problem with that decision. I had never taken an accounting class in... Continue Reading →

The History of Valentine’s Day

BY EMILY LUCIA  ____________________________ Every year on February 14th, lovers and friends rush to buy cards, chocolates, roses, and other commercial items to commemorate their love for one another. Many people know that Valentine’s Day is a Christian holiday, a day that would honor the life of St. Valentine. But do you know the history... Continue Reading →

Bruises Like Lambs

BY KATIE DAVENPORT Those summers were the worst—             August, with the shades up but the             windows down to keep the cats from             escaping. Me, hiding, stumbling upon a pile of my             mother’s shoes, coagulated blood piling             under the skin where a toe struck a heel. My mother’s reassurance that the... Continue Reading →

“12 Years A Slave” ~ FILM REVIEW

BY TRENT ALLYN BOYER  Solomon Northrup has had a rough night. After dining with supposed friends who allegedly wanted to utilize his talents as a violinist, he wakes up wrapped with chains inside of a slave holding pen. The film is “12 Years a Slave” and the time period is 1841. It is a savage... Continue Reading →


A Television Review BY EMILY LUCIA Two brothers travel a lonely road. It all began when the youngest brother, Sam, was a baby. He was just a few months old when his father found his mother dead and hanging from the ceiling. She burst into flames. His father, John grabbed baby Sam from his crib... Continue Reading →

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