The Review Crew

  Vol. 92, Iss. 4 Editors Kimberly Bennett Co-Editor-in-Chief Natalie VanBooven Co-Editor-in-Chief Mindy Allen Assistant Editor Emily Lucia Assistant Editor / Web Designer Editing Team Mindy Allen Kimberly Bennett Natalie Van Booven Emily Lucia In This Issue Mindy Allen Sharon Beard Britani Beasley Kimberly Bennett Joseph Blasdel, PhD Rick Bonsall, PhD Gretchen Buehrle Katie Davenport... Continue Reading →

“Leditor” ~ Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors Hello, As many of you know, the first paper issue has been distributed across campus throughout the week. In this issue, there is quite a variety of material ready for you to read. You will be able to learn some interesting information concerning one of the collections the Holman Library archives.... Continue Reading →

Hidden Treasures: The Dillard Collection

BY ANDREW OLDEN Staff Writer Taking a trip to the basement level of Holman Library is not in the general travels of most members of the McKendree community. A little known secret is that there are a variety of books housed in a Special Collections unit in one of the lowest floor's corners. One of... Continue Reading →

McKendree’s Scott Campus: Center at Scott

BY GRETCHEN BUEHRLE Contributing Writer Did you know that the Lebanon Campus is not the only facility McKendree uses to offer courses to Bearcat students? Other than the main campus, there are two other campuses, and over thirteen external sites; one of them being less than 15 minutes away. For the last 44 years, McKendree... Continue Reading →

The Crisis in Ukraine and Crimea: Russia Interferes

BY EMILY LUCIA Assistant Editor For several months, The Ukraine has been in turmoil. Rioters and protesters, unhappy with the Ukrainian government, have plagued the streets of Ukraine: just after the Sochi Olympics came to a close in February, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin sent troops into the troubled country to stop the protesters. According to... Continue Reading →

Absence Policies

BY BRITANI BEASLEY Staff Writer Throughout the school year, many McKendree University students worry about the university’s attendance policy. If you have been sick, if you do not feel like taking on this crazy wintermaggeddon weather, or even if you happen to be flat-out lazy, you have probably used up a few of your absences.... Continue Reading →

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