Category: 2013-14: Vol. 92, Iss. 5

DATE: May 01, 2014

The Review Crew

Vol. 92, Iss. 5 Editors Kimberly Bennett Co-Editor-in-Chief Natalie VanBooven Co-Editor-in-Chief Mindy Allen Assistant Editor Emily Lucia Assistant Editor / Web Designer Editing Team Mindy Allen […]

“Leditor” ~Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors Hello, As you know, the semester is coming to an end, but the McKendree Review will have one more issue after […]

Too Burned out for School?

BY KATI MELTON With finals week quickly approaching, McKendree students, who have procrastinated with their finals projects, papers and homework assignments, are frantically trying to […]

Mehgan Birdsong: A Woman Making a Difference

BY BRITANI BEASLEY St. Louis Native and McKendree University senior, Meghan Birdsong is a Speech Communication major, with a Public Relations emphasis, and has a […]

Roszell Mosely: Born Again

BY JANELLE JANKOWSKI Even though women are stereotypically associated with having stress-related weight issues, this is most certainly not always the case. Roszell Mosely, a […]

The Act of Painting: Brian D. Smith

BY MEGHAN DOHOGNE In a recent exhibit at the McKendree University Gallery of Art, artist Brian D. Smith showcased the style of painting. Smith creates […]

E-cigarettes on McKendree Campus

BY MINDY ALLEN In March, a campus email explained that the smoking policy of McKendree University has been revised to include e-cigarettes, which are banned […]

Take a Breath, the End Draws Near

BY BRITANI BEASLEY As we approach the end of the school year, students find it difficult to maintain attendance, participation and interest in their courses. […]

Earth Science and Astronomy: More Related than You & Your Mother

BY STEFANIE STRACK Many people think of Earth Science and Astronomy as two vastly different branches of science, and never give any thought as to […]

Town Gown: Connecting With…Lebanon “Vs.” McKendree

BY BRITANI BEASLEY In a small community of 5,523 people, Lebanon, Ill. is a tight knit community full of hometown pride and yearly celebrations that […]

Hidden Treasures: McKendree’s Archival Museum

BY ANDREW OLDEN Bothwell Chapel stands as an iconic piece on the McKendree campus, most often admired for its age and beauty.  When asking your […]

The Voices of Reason

Question:  Hello, I am graduating this semester, and still haven’t found a job yet. Should I keep looking for one that goes with my degree […]

“Native Son”

A Book Review BY KIMBERLY BENNETT At the beginning of 2014, 32 out of 50 states in America still sentence criminals with the death penalty. Lethal […]

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

A Film Review BY EMILY LUCIA In his first post The Avengers appearance, Captain America certainly returned with a punch. With twists and turns you will […]

Recipe: Kimberly’s Sweet Italian Salad

I do not have a recipe because I make the salad based on pretty much whatever amounts of ingredients I want to put into it, […]


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