Category: 2013-14: Vol. 92, Iss. 5

DATE: May 01, 2014

Too Burned out for School?

BY KATI MELTON With finals week quickly approaching, McKendree students, who have procrastinated with their finals projects, papers and homework assignments, are frantically trying to get things done, while also studying for their final exams. […]

Roszell Mosely: Born Again

BY JANELLE JANKOWSKI Even though women are stereotypically associated with having stress-related weight issues, this is most certainly not always the case. Roszell Mosely, a student attending McKendree, spent his freshman year worried about his […]

“Native Son”

A Book Review BY KIMBERLY BENNETT At the beginning of 2014, 32 out of 50 states in America still sentence criminals with the death penalty. Lethal injection is authorized in 35 states (three states had abolished […]