【McKendree Review】McKendree University || Academic Excellence Celebration Day

BY KIMBERLY BENNETT On April 24, 2014, McKendree University held its first (and now annual) Academic Excellence Celebration Day event in which students, faculty and staff participated in numerous events throughout the day to display and present overall academic excellence. In order to cover as many events as possible, the McKendree Review has made a... Continue Reading →

The Review Crew

Vol. 92, Iss. 6 Editors Kimberly Bennett Co-Editor-in-Chief Natalie VanBooven Co-Editor-in-Chief Mindy Allen Assistant Editor Emily Lucia Assistant Editor / Web Designer Editing Team Mindy Allen Kimberly Bennett Natalie Van Booven Emily Lucia In This Issue Mindy Allen Sharon Beard Britani Beasley Kimberly Bennett (video) Michael Feezer Bryan Gross Kyle Jackson Janelle Jankowski Christopher Streetman Natalie... Continue Reading →

“Leditor” ~Letter from the Editors

Hello, As you all know, this is the last issue for the McKendree Review of the 2013-14 academic year. It has been a blast working with everyone who helped make the McKendree Review happen this year. We hope you enjoy the different posts for the last issue, and if you have any questions about site... Continue Reading →

Why Greek Life is for Every College Student

BY BRITANI BEASLEY “Nothing like you expected, but everything you’re looking for.”  Like most college students coming to McKendree University, I was not only nervous about the new experiences but also excited to start a new chapter in my life. I was excited to join anything and everything in hopes of being just as involved... Continue Reading →

Do you Feel Safe on Campus?

BY JANELLE JANKOWSKI As stated on McKendree University’s website, Public Safety has the duty to ensure students feel safe on campus:  “In order to ensure the safety of members of the McKendree community, the Office of Public Safety is responsible for maintaining a safe and orderly environment on the campus. Officers work to create an... Continue Reading →

The “Kill Switch”

BY SHARON BEARD Every morning, millions of people board the subway paying more attention to their cellular phone than their surroundings. A passenger checks his or her email, and just before the doors close, a thief grabs his or her phone, He jumps onto the platform before anyone could catch him, and walks away with... Continue Reading →

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