Category: 2013-14: Vol. 92, Iss. 6

DATE: May 09, 2014

【McKendree Review】McKendree University || Academic Excellence Celebration Day

BY KIMBERLY BENNETT On April 24, 2014, McKendree University held its first (and now annual) Academic Excellence Celebration Day event in which students, faculty and […]

The Review Crew

Vol. 92, Iss. 6 Editors Kimberly Bennett Co-Editor-in-Chief Natalie VanBooven Co-Editor-in-Chief Mindy Allen Assistant Editor Emily Lucia Assistant Editor / Web Designer Editing Team Mindy Allen […]

“Leditor” ~Letter from the Editors

Hello, As you all know, this is the last issue for the McKendree Review of the 2013-14 academic year. It has been a blast working […]

Why Greek Life is for Every College Student

BY BRITANI BEASLEY “Nothing like you expected, but everything you’re looking for.”  Like most college students coming to McKendree University, I was not only nervous […]

A Profile of McKendree’s Model U.N. Program

BY BRYAN GROSS For most of us here at McKendree the time of year when Model U.N. rolls around is nothing more than a time […]

Do you Feel Safe on Campus?

BY JANELLE JANKOWSKI As stated on McKendree University’s website, Public Safety has the duty to ensure students feel safe on campus:  “In order to ensure […]

Alarums, Excursions and Politics in Thailand: Part 3

BY NATALIE VAN BOOVEN Sept. 19, 2006 was a watershed day in Thailand. On that day, after crossing the line once too often, Prime Minister […]

The “Kill Switch”

BY SHARON BEARD Every morning, millions of people board the subway paying more attention to their cellular phone than their surroundings. A passenger checks his […]

The Voices of Reason

QUESTION:  I am a first-generation student; my parents do not seem to understand the importance of my education. I have been taking out loans to […]


A FILM REVIEW BY MICHAEL FEEZER Director Jaume Collet-Serra brings us the suspenseful and nerve-racking film, Non- Stop. This 2014, action-packed movie stars Schindler’s List‘s Liam Neeson along […]


A FILM REVIEW  BY KYLE JACKSON Have you ever watched or read a biography that has had you thinking, “What would this world be like […]

Wait…This is a Gay Bar?

BY JOE HILDERBRAND The second semester of the academic year for college students is always the roughest half.  For some, returning to classes scheduled at […]

Fake Bake: Pros & Cons

BY JANELLE JANKOWSKI Summer is right around the corner, and what easier way would there be to get that sun-kissed- Floridian look than to hit […]

Creative Writing: Poems

BY THOMAS (TJ) HAMIL Cracked Grass Handlebars I used to ride my bicycle with my sister – before we fought about things like who mom […]

Sudoku Answer to Sudoku #121 (Hard)

Thank you for participating in our last round of Sudoku for the year. There will be more next year so if you enjoy puzzles, look […]