Vol. 94, Iss. 4 Editors Lauren Reeves Editor-in-Chief Anna Belmonte Assistant Editor Editing Team Lauren Reeves Anna Belmonte Teagan Schwab In This Issue Sara Radae Teagan Schwab Grace McDowell Nicole Erica Pour Alexandria Deiters Lauren Reeves Anna Belmonte The McKendree Review is a student-run organization of McKendree University. The mission of The McKendree Review is to give students the... Continue Reading →

Leditor from the Editor

Welcome to another exciting edition of the McKendree Review! We are very excited about this issue! We would like to thank all of our readers for keeping up with the McKendree Review as we have moved online. As a special treat, we have an exciting announcement. Our next issue will be a printed edition! It... Continue Reading →

A Further Look into the Mold in Clark

BY ANNA BELMONTE Staff Writer Sally Mayhew, Vice President of Administration and Finance, provided a closer look at what conditions in Clark Hall posed a health hazard and what was done to clean the building and make it safe for faculty and staff to move back into. In old buildings, like we have at McKendree,... Continue Reading →

McKendree Role Models: A look inside

BY LAUREN REEVES Staff Writer Captain. Resident Assistant. Coordinator. Peer Mentor. Those are just a few leadership positions that McKendree students have the honor of holding. These elect few walk around campus and shine in these roles. But, what is it really like to be a student leader here at good ole McK? According to... Continue Reading →

Thankful Thursday vs. Black Friday

BY GRACE McDOWELL Staff Writer It is the American tradition. Stuff your face with turkey on Thursday while feeling thankful with family, and then push others out of your way on Friday to steal a deal on a 60-inch flat screen TV. According to moneycrashers.com, Black Friday, the shopper’s holiday, is the biggest shopping day... Continue Reading →

McKendree reads the summary, not the book

BY ERICA POUR Staff Writer On Monday, your professor assigns 80 pages of reading due Wednesday. Instantly, you come down with the Monday blues. With other homework, that big paper due and early morning workouts, you have no time to read 80 pages on something you’re not sure you will be tested on. You decide... Continue Reading →

Women’s Volleycats: The Road to Postseason

BY GRACE McDOWELL Staff Writer With a record of 15-8 and a conference record of 9-2, the McKendree women’s volleyball team is “digging” their way to postseason. In last year’s postseason, the team made it to the GLVC championship and lost, but they were still qualified for nationals before falling to Truman State in the... Continue Reading →

Easy College Recipes

BY ALLY DEITERS Staff Writer What college students have time to cook? We have sports, clubs and events that we are all part of, and no one really has time to cook. So I guess it’s fast food for dinner…again. However, what if you could do all your activities and have dinner waiting for you... Continue Reading →

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