Are Eustressed?

BY TEAGAN SCHWAB Staff Writer As the semester wanes, students find themselves drowned by stressors like classes, relationships, finances, extra-curricular activities and graduation. According to Dr. Laura Harrawood, Associate Professor of Counseling, “Stress is your body’s response to a demand that is placed upon it.” To each student, stress shows itself in different ways. Intense... Continue Reading →

Are we “Lost”?

BY MARQUIS CHERRY Staff Writer Being unable to find one’s way or not knowing one’s whereabouts would perfectly define this television show. Over six seasons, critics have ranked Lost consistently among the top television series of all time. During the summer, I took a chance on this show and have no regrets. Through the suspense... Continue Reading →

Cultural Cuisine from Noodles and Co.

BY SARAH GOETZE Staff Writer “Throw a fork on the map and we’ll take you there,” Noodles and Company claims on their menu, but you know what? If I closed my eyes, I very well could have drifted off to Indonesia and pictured myself eating the Indonesian Peanut Sauté dish while riding atop an elephant.... Continue Reading →

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