[2015-2016] Vol. 94, Iss.5 The Review Crew

Vol. 94, Iss. 5 Editors Lauren Reeves Editor-in-Chief Anna Belmonte Assistant Editor Editing Team Lauren Reeves Anna Belmonte Teagan Schwab In This Issue Sara Radae Nicole Calleja Fung Grace McDowell Teagan Schwab Anna Belmonte Lauren Reeves The McKendree Review is a student-run organization of McKendree University. The mission of the McKendree Review is to give students the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Leditor from the Editor

Welcome to another exciting edition and a new semester of the McKendree Review! We are happy about being back in the swing of things. We would like to thank all of our readers for keeping up with the McKendree Review as we have moved online. All of our stories and announcements are posted to our... Continue Reading →

Alone in your 20s: a tale of single hearts

By GRACE McDOWELL Staff Writer Oh great, another one of my Facebook friends is engaged. Wait, when did that couple get married? Wow, she’s in a relationship again?  You may have had these thoughts when scrolling through your news feed from time to time and finding that many of your classmates are engaged, married or... Continue Reading →

Homesickness is okay: here’s how to deal with it

BY NICOLE FUNG CALLEJA Contributing Writer Imagine your excited, panting dog, your little sister with a glimmer in her eyes, your parents welcoming you to your already familiar surroundings: the streets, the driveway, the smell of your favorite dish wafting from the kitchen, the bang of a door slamming, the yelling of the next-door neighbor,... Continue Reading →

Textbook Takeover

BY SARA RADAE Contributing Writer With a new semester beginning, the dreaded process almost all college students have to go through is just around the corner: buying textbooks. For some college students, they have decided to skip this experience and just go without books. Why do some students do this, you ask? Because the prices... Continue Reading →

What’s Up Weather?

BY TEAGAN SCHWAB Staff Writer As if dressing for the polarized temperature in Old Main and PAC isn’t enough, Mother Nature seems to have other plans. One day, the proper attire for the freezing temperature is a snowsuit and mittens and the next, sandals and shorts. Even if it is cold outside, by the time... Continue Reading →

BSO brings culture to campus

As we all know, Black History Month is upon us so we should take a step back and reflect on how we have changed and grown as a society. To help us do this, McKendree's Black Student Organization (BSO) is going to lead activities all month. Check out the events and broaden your eyes to... Continue Reading →

Save the MAP: a call to action

As many Illinois college students know, funding for the MAP program has not been going well in Springfield. Governor Rauner and his colleagues have created a serious issue for higher education in our state. Hundreds if not thousands of MAP eligible students who depend on those funds to make their college education possible at McKendree University and... Continue Reading →

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