[2015-2016] Vol. 94, Iss.6 The Review Crew

Vol. 94, Iss. 6 Editors Lauren Reeves Editor-in-Chief Anna Belmonte Assistant Editor Editing Team Lauren Reeves Anna Belmonte Teagan Schwab In This Issue Schallon Foggs Cory McCormick Allison Donofrio Logyn Norris Teagan Schwab Anna Belmonte Lauren Reeves With  Speech and debate adviser Joe Blasdel The McKendree Review is a student-run organization of McKendree University. The mission of... Continue Reading →

Leditor from the editor

Welcome to another edition of the McKendree Review! In this issue, we take a look into a few interesting topics that we are sure will start a few questioning conversations on campus. We support our writers and their decisions when writing about their selected topics. As supporters of the McKendree Review, we urge our readers... Continue Reading →

McKendree’s wild things

BY LOGYN NORRIS Staff Writer For most of us, coming to McKendree is our first taste of freedom.  We stay out late, we drink, we skip class and we make some financial mistakes.  Whether it is spending too much money on a beer run, an expensive new shirt or eating McDonalds at 3 a.m. for... Continue Reading →

New organization is ready to take off

BY ANNA BELMONTE Staff Writer McKendree junior Jack MacLean is starting a new student organization, “Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations," or SCNO. MacLean wanted a student organization dedicated to building experience and résumés for students, freshman through senior. To accomplish this, SCNO will work with nonprofit organizations in the Metro East. Each student will collaborate... Continue Reading →

Bearcat thoughts: MAP grant

BY TEAGAN SCHWAB Staff Writer For many of the Bearcats who reside in Illinois, receiving the MAP grant is a make or break deal for attending McKendree. Over the last few weeks, students rallied to try to get Governor Rauner to sign the bill to continue funding for the MAP grant. Sophomore Emma Lewis explains... Continue Reading →

Stressing students from an online perspective

BY ALLISON DONOFRIO Staff Writer As students are settled into their spring classes at McKendree, I, an online student, conducted a survey before, during and after finals to see how students handled stress for the fall semester.  The survey collected data on how many hours he/she studied for finals and how they dealt with stress... Continue Reading →

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