McKendree’s Most Interesting Man

By Zach Manion, Contributing Writer Lebanon, Ill. - On the surface, Christopher DiOrio seems no different the regular adjunct professor at McKendree University. Most faculty and students know him solely for his teaching. What most don’t know about DiOrio is his life before McKendree; a life full of simplicity and adventure. DiOrio was born in... Continue Reading →

A Boy and His Cows

By JT Russell, Contributing Writer Lebanon, Ill. - As the birds begin to chirp and the grass once again turns a vibrant green, college students can’t help but envision the imminent summer break.  For most college kids, summer break means sleeping in until ten o’clock, road trips with your friends and consuming a few too... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Studying Abroad

By Magdalena Knapp, Contributing Writer Each year, 3.7 million students study abroad throughout the world. I am one of these 3.7 million students, and my journey began eight months ago at the airport of Milan, Italy. People told me ‘Studying abroad is a great experience. You meet new people, get to know a new culture... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Art: Hubris

By Benjamin Richter, Cartoonist/Contributing Writer Lebanon, Ill. - Hubris is an exhibition of work by McKendree art faculty members Kevin Kao and Amy MacLennan. The show recently had an open reception on March 23 and is available to view until April 2. This show is a rare treat, as it is the first show collaboration... Continue Reading →

Al Alone: Issues Three & Four

By Benjamin Richter, Cartoonist/Contributing Writer   Issue Three It is weird being human. There are so many opportunities and ways to connect. We can convey so many emotions and articulate exactly how we feel. Why don't we do this to help each other? Why is understanding not a priority? Sometimes the world is cruel. At least there... Continue Reading →

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