COVID-19, I Can’t See You!

This semester, our school has seen plenty of precaution for the coronavirus, but we have not faced a full-on shut down or mass amounts of quarantined students. This is a step forward, and the efforts made by the school to keep us safe are the reason we're still on campus today! Read more here.

Getting to Know PubSafe

How much do you really know about McKendree Public Safety services? They're here to help, and improvement is still on the horizon. Find out more here, through an interview with the Chief and the experiences of students.

Review Staff, A Blast From the Past

As the last article celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Review, read the stories of previous editors and writers for the Review! Credit is owed to all previous staff for helping the Review make it to the great 100.

Commuting vs. Living on Campus

Do you live on campus, or do you commute? There are many differences in lifestyle depending on which category you fall into. Freshmen Riley Reiss and Hailey Price help us to learn about these differences.

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