Following the Faculty: Students Honor the Wampanoag and Their Ancestors Dr. Lauren (LT) Thompson's Minorities in America courses hosted a "Green Corn Ceremony" on Monday, November 22nd. Many Indigenous Peoples celebrated the first corn harvest of the season in August. This is loosely translated to become known as the "Green Corn Ceremony." One of these nations were the Wampanoag. They are known as the "people... Continue Reading →

Following the Faculty: A Visit with the History Guy On Wednesday, November 10th, Dr. Allie Helfrich, Dr. Brittany Dobill, and Dr. Rich Murphy's business and communication classes attended a masterclass discussion with Lance Geiger: the History Guy on YouTube, Lance discussed the marketing and communication side of his business addresssing how he got his start and became a YouTube sensation. 

Following the Faculty: Dr. Katherine Alford Dr. Katherine Alford authored an article called,  Teaching listening as a form of empathy building. Voices from the Middle, 29(1) 36-39 (2021). The article is about how middle school teachers can and should explicitly teach listening in their English Language Arts classrooms as a means of developing more empathetic and engaged students.

Following the Faculty: Dr. Shelly Lemons’ Research Reminds Us the Journey is Just as Sweet as the Destination Dr. Lemon's has a new article coming out in the next issue of Kansas History, but the story behind the article reminds us that sometimes the journey is just as sweet as the destination! Please take some time to read Dr. Lemon's story: This piece actually has a pretty interesting "McKendree story" behind it. While... Continue Reading →

Following the Faculty: Dr. Guy Boysen Dr. Guy Boysen is an author on three chapters in a new book from the American Psychological Association that came out in August outlining professional suggestions for how to teach an Introductory Psychology course. Dr. Boysen authored a chapter that discussed teaching the course in a setting like McKendree (which is also named in the title of... Continue Reading →

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