[2014-2015] Vol. 93, Iss. 12 The Review Crew

  Vol. 93, Iss. 12 Editors Emily Lucia Editor-in-Chief Taquisha Drisdell Assistant Editor  Will Basler Sports Editor Editing Team Emily Lucia Taquisha Drisdell In This Issue Will Basler Leah Cummins Taquisha Drisdell Maggie Mueller Ashly Schmitt Jacob Schlote Lauren Reeves Natalie Van Booven The McKendree Review is a student-run organization of McKendree University. The mission of The McKendree... Continue Reading →

Leditor from the Editor

As the Spring semester winds down we find ourselves bogged down by end of the semester tests, projects and papers. But one thing that always keeps me going is writing and reading. I have been so very blessed this semester that I have had the opportunity to write and edit and read article submissions for... Continue Reading →

New Graduation Requirements

BY LAUREN REEVES Staff Writer Two weeks ago, McKendree University announced that they will change the graduation credit requirement from 128 to 120 credits. McKendree thought this adjustment would be a good idea for students, but the students have a few thoughts of their own. Freshman James Stanley, whom is studying to graduate with an... Continue Reading →

Scotland Here She Comes

BY MAGGIE MUELLER Contributing Writer Elizabeth “Liz” Gilman is a junior at McKendree University from St. Louis Missouri. She decided to come to McKendree because she was offered a full ride basketball scholarship. After two years of basketball, she decided to focus just on her degree in mathematics through the education program. Now, just being... Continue Reading →

The Patriot Act: Still a Good Idea?

BY NATALIE VAN BOOVEN Staff Writer Former U. S. President Calvin Coolidge once said, “Patriotism is easy to understand in America. It means looking out for yourself by looking out for your country.” Nowhere in recent American history has this point become clearer than in the wake of 9/11, especially when the Uniting and Strengthening... Continue Reading →

Who is ISIS?

Understanding the Importance of Keeping Up-to-Date with the News BY LEAH CUMMINS Contributing Writer Until I took American Politics this semester, I never realized how many current events about which I did not learn. I noticed that a lot of college students ignore politics and say it does not apply to them (not including students... Continue Reading →

Paul F. Tompkins

BY JACOB SCHLOTE Contributing Writer I was lucky enough to attend the stand-up comedy event performed by Paul F. Tompkins. The show was great, and I cried with laughter on several occasions throughout his hysterical show. The event was almost sold out and rightfully so as I don’t think anyone was disappointed. The show was... Continue Reading →

Science Athlete Extraordinaire

BY MAGGIE MUELLER Contributing Writer   Adam Tournier has been a professor of science at McKendree University for five years. Having his Ph. D in Physics Quantum Electronics, Adam, which is what he likes to be called by his students and faculty, teaches general science classes, such as Astronomy and Concepts in Science. Adam also... Continue Reading →

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