Month: September 2017

An Evening with Sherman Alexie: Vulnerability, Resistance, and Laughter

By Sophie Jeffery, Contributing Writer On the evening of September 22nd, author Sherman Alexie opened his keynote address for the inaugural BookFest St Louis by […]

Father John Misty at the Peabody

By Zach Breeding, Editor in Chief “If there’s going to be a night on this tour where I slip on a banana peel, get my […]

Since When are we too Busy to Enjoy our Lives?

By Magdalena Knapp, Editor Busy, stressed out, exhausted – These three words describe the average human being nowadays. We are always connected and in touch […]

Finals Week and Why it Shouldn’t Also be Housekeeping Week

By Zach Breeding, Editor in Chief I want to preface this article by saying that I don’t set out to answer any of the questions […]

On Community Service and Into the Streets

By Victoria Sananikone, Staff Writer My initial perspective of east St. Louis mirrored that of everyone else’s: a dangerous zone of crime that was unsafe […]

The Sad State of West WiFi

By Zach Breeding, Editor in Chief For those of you in the world looking to truly unplug from the online world, our editorial team has […]

Andrew Frank – The Comedian for People with Brains

By Magdalena Knapp, Staff Writer It takes one and a half years of work to have enough material for a 45-minute show – this is […]