McKendree’s Outlook on Kavanaugh

By Ashley Hathaway, Contributing Writer   In light of the current events that are sweeping over the United States, you have probably heard the name Brett Kavanaugh. In case you have been laying low and are not up to date on Kavanaugh, here is a quick rundown. Kavanaugh was nominated as a Supreme Court Justice in... Continue Reading →

Why is it so hard to move off campus?

By Zachary Breeding, Contributing writer Learning to live on your own is what college is all about, right? Becoming a capable adult that can take care of themselves and act autonomously is what our society has taught us to expect from the college experience. This is even found on the McKendree website wherein the goals... Continue Reading →

The Woman Who Refused to Give up on Her Dream

By Victoria Sananikone, Copy-Editor Swimming is a sport that produces athletes of true grit that is so raw and uncultivated, it's as if they carried this quality straight out of the womb. These athletes are unlike any other; they can persevere through any hardship the world throws at them due to the suffering they endure... Continue Reading →

Remembering Dr. Betsy Gordon

  In lieu of our previously scheduled article, the editors of the McKendree Review would like to offer up this space to remember our beloved Dr. Betsy Gordon. An avid supporter of Bearcat athletics and the arts, Dr. Gordon taught speech communication at McKendree University for twenty-seven years, enriching the lives of countless students with... Continue Reading →

We are ALL IN for voting!

By Magdalena Knapp, Editor Tuesday, September 25th, is National Voting Day. To honor this day and raise awareness about voting among students, McKendree University has been promoting voting more than ever before. Come to the Holman library on Tuesday from 1-3 p.m. to celebrate the National Voting Day and get your own pocket-copy of the Constitution!... Continue Reading →

Where Are You Giving?

By Ashley Hathaway, Contributing Writer Have you ever thought about where your clothes are made? What about where your food is coming from? For author and traveler Kelsey Timmerman, these questions began a life journey that has changed the way he sees the world. During his speech titled “You Might Just Change the World," Timmerman takes... Continue Reading →

Kevin Kao: “This should probably be turned into a brown bag”

By Gabrielle Madewell, Contributing Writer Kevin Kao, assistant professor of art, is a very personable and energetic person, who really helps bring Benson Wood to life.  “Hi," he says, leaning into the recorder. "I’m Kevin Kao. I like long walks on the beach, fried chicken, and the Target clearance section… but only on Wednesdays.”  ... Continue Reading →

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