Protestor’s At Fallen Airmen’s Funeral

By Danielle Cooper. Published April 25, 2011

Airmen Zachary Cuddeback, 21, was killed in Germany on his way to serve a tour in Afghanistan. Cuddeback was the driver of an Air Force bus carrying soldiers getting ready to depart for a tour to Afghanistan when the bus was attacked by a Kosovo Albanian. Cuddeback was escorted back to O’Fallon, Illinois by his cousin that was stationed in Germany at the time of Cuddeback’s death.

The Irish Expedition

By Sarah Adams. Published April 25, 2011

I’ve been in Ireland for about three months now (shamefully neglecting any contribution of writings or comics to the Review) but even though it’s getting close to the end of the semester, there’s still a lot going on, so I thought it was worth writing something about the Irish experience so far! I’ve been studying at the University of Limerick and exploring other places in Ireland, and soon I will be venturing off of the Emerald Isle into mainland Europe. The study abroad experience has been great so far, so here are a few of the highlights for anyone who wonders what I could possibly be doing while absent from McK and not doodling comics of monochromatic cats.

Facebook: The Final Frontier

By Kevin Schaefer, Editor-in-Chief. Published April 25, 2010.

What do over one million websites link to? What do approximately 70% of respondents to a recent McKendree Review poll use every week? According to this site, there are over 500 million active users. It can get you into serious trouble with your parents, or destroy your chances of getting a job. If you haven’t guessed what it is, you probably live under a rock.