Bryce Vine – The Ready Room

By Jordan Heberg, Contributing Writer Photo credits: Jordan Heberg On the night of the Bryce Vine concert, the Ready Room was packed with many people ready to listen to the fun music Bryce was about to play. Bryce Vine was giving me Fresh Prince swag at Ready Room. Clocking a constant smirk that said, “I... Continue Reading →

Where Have All The Good Clubs Gone?

By Alec Deyong, Contributing Writer Between McKendree’s impressive array of  athletics and its numerous opportunities to get involved in the community, many students’ schedules are nearly bursting at the seams. There are those such as myself, however, who fall into the slim minority of students who do not count themselves among the ranks of a... Continue Reading →

WWE or the Bar?

By Andrew Gardewine, Contributing WriterPhotos by, Andrew Gardewine You may be someone who prefers to stay in on weekends. If so, stir things up a bit and go to your local bar; anything could happen. In my experience I’ve found that one of the best ways to entertain yourself is by going out and... Continue Reading →

Aquila Theatre – Frankenstein Performance Review

By Loren Terveer Photo Credit: Aquila Theatre, 2018 - Photos by Richard Termine Source: Source: Last month, Aquila Theatre stopped at McKendree as a part of their nation-wide tour. The group performed a special shortened stage adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the iconic science fiction novel, for local high schools and McKendree students.... Continue Reading →

BB’s Jazz, Blues and Soups

By Landon Cole Photos by Landon Cole I parked on Broadway and walked into BB’s this Wednesday night, relieved to escape the characteristically cold Missouri winter. Immediately, I was greeted by a wall plastered an inch thick with flyers promoting St. Louis blues and jazz bands. The bar was riddled with regulars there to take... Continue Reading →

When Passion Meets Agression in the Ice Rink

By Caylin Dean Featured Image by McKendree University Athletics Beer, extreme passion and a touch of aggression, the few words I knew that describe the atmosphere of a hockey game. Coming from western Illinois, hockey is not a sport that I ever had the opportunity or desire to watch. That is, until now… On January 25th,... Continue Reading →

Marriage Meets College

By Kyle Boldin, Contributing Writer Doves flying free, rice scattered across the courtyard, and the inevitable “I do’s” representing love and lifelong unity: this signifies a beautiful union between two or more people who genuinely treasure each other and decide to spend their lives together. As universities continue to diversify, married college students have become... Continue Reading →

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