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Leditor from the editor

Welcome to another edition of the McKendree Review! In this issue, we take a look into a few interesting topics that we are sure will start a few questioning conversations on campus. We support our writers and their decisions when writing about their selected topics. As supporters of the McKendree Review, we urge our readers to keep in mind that we are a student-run organization with individual ideals. These ideals do not always match up to those of McKendree University.

Leditor from the Editor

Welcome to another exciting edition of the McKendree Review! We are very excited about this issue!

We would like to thank all of our readers for keeping up with the McKendree Review as we have moved online. As a special treat, we have an exciting announcement. Our next issue will be a printed edition! It will contain articles from past issues along with a few new articles. It will be a semester in review! Since we will have a printed issue around the time of school breaks, we will not post an online issue until we return after the new year. We will still post stories that require special attention when need be. Look for the printed edition on newsstands in December!