Governor #42: Bruce Rauner

By Victoria Sananikone, Assistant Editor With the midterm election peeking over the horizon, some may say that governor Bruce Rauner has a storm coming for him. The candidates running for governor are strong and unique within their stances on how to further the success of the state of Illinois. However, Bruce Rauner has already succeeded... Continue Reading →

Illinois’ Republican Candidate -Mike Bost

By Kenneth Spisak Mike Bost is from Murphysboro, Illinois and has represented Illinois as a member of the Illinois House of Representatives, on behalf of the 115th district from 1995-2015. Now, Bost is a representative for Illinois’ 12th congressional district after emerging victorious in the 2014. Mike Bost likes to be known as one of... Continue Reading →

The People’s Governor – Inside the political campaign of JB Pritzker

By Justin A. Smock On Tuesday, the general midterm election will be in full swing. Illinoisans will be faced with the challenge of electing a new governor. Sitting Governor, Bruce Rauner, arguably has been given a run for his money. On this midterm ballot, Illinois Democrats have produced a candidate that shows passion and commitment to the... Continue Reading →

Caitlyn Westfall: Empowered Woman Empowering Women

By Halle Douglass There is an anonymous quote that says, “Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” After hearing McKendree Alumna Caitlyn Westfall’s story about her experience in Sigma Sigma Sigma, I could not agree more. I recently met her during formal recruitment, where she shared... Continue Reading →

Alexis Porter; Student, Wrestler, Inspiration

By Kyle Boldin When considering female athletic inspirations, a couple names come to mind: Venus, Serena Williams, Simone Biles and Rhonda Rousey. All outstanding athletes in their respected fields, all with accomplishments that will inspire generations to come. So much so, the next generation has already been inspired, one of those people being senior Alexis... Continue Reading →

The Incredible ‘Houk’

By Justin A. Smock Nestled in the heart of Holman Library, one will find the second home of Mckendree’s very own Technical Services & Government Documents Librarian. Debbie Houk, a McKendree Alumni, has a passion for history that is a compendium in itself. With elephant trunks pointed to the east, Hello Kitty as the main... Continue Reading →

Krysten Baker: Coach and Counselor

By Kenneth Spisak Krysten Baker goes by multiple names: Krysten, Coach Baker, Ms. Baker, KB. Depending how you are acquainted with her, one of these will be how you address her. Baker is on the coaching staff for McKendree’s track and field team as the throwers coach. Not only is coaching essentially a full-time gig,... Continue Reading →

The Woman Who Refused to Give up on Her Dream

By Victoria Sananikone, Copy-Editor Swimming is a sport that produces athletes of true grit that is so raw and uncultivated, it's as if they carried this quality straight out of the womb. These athletes are unlike any other; they can persevere through any hardship the world throws at them due to the suffering they endure... Continue Reading →

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