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Intellectual Climate Newsletter

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Phi Beta Lambda Makes a Comeback at McKendree

By Emily Stanowski, Staff Writer Much like The McKendree Review, McKendree University’s Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) is becoming more active. PBL has been around for […]

The Musical Fusion of Quebec’s Le Vent du Nord: Melding the old with the new to create something unique

By Jack MacLean, Copy Editor Folk music serves as an expression of the people and era from which it originates. For Le Vent Du Nord, […]

Panel discussion this Tuesday: The rise of Donald Trump and what it means

The 2016 presidential election has many Americans questioning who they want to represent them to the world. Many question if the two primary candidates can […]

“Stretch yourself” in yoga

BY LAUREN REEVES Staff Writer This Saturday you have the opportunity to experience yoga like you may never have before. All day you, and those […]

Global Awareness Week

Don’t forget Global Awareness Week is April 4-8! Join faculty, staff and students to learn more about the diverse world we live in. The event’s […]

BSO brings culture to campus

As we all know, Black History Month is upon us so we should take a step back and reflect on how we have changed and […]

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week 2015

Don’t forget Nov. 15 – 21 is Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week! The Lyn Huxford Center for Community Service is putting on many events throughout […]

Cheers to 187 Years

BY Sarah Goetze                                             […]

Give Big to the Pig

What is Give Big to the Pig? Give Big to the Pig is a fun way for McKendree students, faculty and staff to share in […]

[Iss. 7] || Marjane Satrapi Visits McKendree University

BY KIMBERLY BENNETT & MINDY ALLEN Editor-in-Chief & Assistant Editor  Since 1998, McKendree University has invited renowned speakers for the George E. McCammon Memorial Distinguished […]

[Iss. 6] || Rhonda Tibbs & Her Cloud

BY COURTNEY WINKLER, M.A.T. Adjunct Instructor On Veterans Day, local author Rhonda Tibbs spoke at McKendree University about her novel Song of the Snowman.  As […]

[Iss. 6] || Kicking Off Hunger & Homelessness Week

PROVIDED BY LYN HUXFORD CENTER FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE (CPS)   From Nov. 13-22, CCS will be sponsoring Hunger and Homelessness Week. Don’t miss out on the […]

[Iss. 5] || Events Parking at McKendree: Is This an Issue?

BY MORGAN ROSCOW Contributing Writer Parking at McKendree University has grown into a bigger issue in the past few years due to the increasing influx […]

[Iss. 5] || Now Showing at the Hett

PROVIDED BY THE HETT Promoted by the McKendree Review Come to the Hett in November and support McKendree’s Music and Dance departments.

McKendree’s Center for Community Service Invites Students to Participate in Activities

BY JESSICA TROUT Program Coordinator for the Lyn Huxford Center for Community Service Contributing Writer McKendree University’s Lyn Huxford Center for Community Service (CCS) is […]

McKendree Gallery of the Art Promotes New Show: Submerge and Surface

BY BENJAMIN RICHTER Contributing Writer The McKendree University Gallery of Art will be hosting its next show “Submerge and Surface: Paintings by Crystal Vicars-Pugh” from […]

Reminder|| McKendree Humanities Fall 2014 Essay Contest Guidelines

RE-PROMOTED BY THE MCKENDREE REVIEW It’s time to show off your writing skills by participating in the annual Humanities Division Essay contest! You may view the […]

Come to the Hett!

PROVIDED BY ELIZABETH CRABTREE Box Office Manager Contributing Writer If you are interested in attending any events at the Hettenhausen Center for Visual Arts, please […]

Art Is In the Air: McKendree University Gallery of Art

BY BENJAMIN RICHTER Contributing Writer The McKendree University Gallery of Art, located on St. Louis Street of Lebanon, first opened in November of 2012. Since […]

McKendree Humanities Fall 2014 Essay Contest Guidelines

PROMOTED BY THE MCKENDREE REVIEW It’s time to show off your writing skills by participating in the annual Humanities Division Essay contest! The official rules will […]

Why You Should Join the “McKendree Review”

BY MINDY ALLEN & KIMBERLY BENNETT Have you ever considered writing articles for a newspaper or even joining the staff? Do you like writing in […]

Get Out! Paint Out!

BY PROFESSOR AMY MACLENNAN The McKendree University Gallery of Art hosted a “plein air” painting event on Aug. 2-3 in Lebanon, Ill. Twenty-five artists traveled […]

【McKendree Review】McKendree University || Academic Excellence Celebration Day

BY KIMBERLY BENNETT On April 24, 2014, McKendree University held its first (and now annual) Academic Excellence Celebration Day event in which students, faculty and […]

A Profile of McKendree’s Model U.N. Program

BY BRYAN GROSS For most of us here at McKendree the time of year when Model U.N. rolls around is nothing more than a time […]

Senior Exhibition at the McKendree University Gallery of Art

A message from Professor MacLennan of the McKendree Art Department: Featuring artwork by: Lauren Bouchard, Kelly Clapper, Meghan Dohogne, Emilye Duncan, Kayla Jenkins, Laura Kanyo, […]

The Act of Painting: Brian D. Smith

BY MEGHAN DOHOGNE In a recent exhibit at the McKendree University Gallery of Art, artist Brian D. Smith showcased the style of painting. Smith creates […]

Hidden Treasures: McKendree’s Archival Museum

BY ANDREW OLDEN Bothwell Chapel stands as an iconic piece on the McKendree campus, most often admired for its age and beauty.  When asking your […]

Quick Reminder: Academic Excellence Celebration Day

This Thursday (April 24, 2014) is McKendree’s first Academic Excellence Celebration Day. According to Christine Bahr, PhD., “There are 300 students who will be presenting […]

Announcement from Phi Kappa Phi

I apologize for the late addition, but thank you to Marsha Goddard, M.A. for reminding me to include this event advertisement. ~Kimberly    

Rainbow Run: Announcement from the Wonder of Wellness Organization

BY ASHLEY DUFFIE Wonder of Wellness President Contributing Writer Called the Rainbow Run, April 26th 5K Fun run/walk where colored corn starch is thrown on the […]

Division of Visual and Performing Arts ~ Spring Semester 2014

(All events begin at 7:30 PM otherwise noted) Friday, April 4th ~ Faculty Recital – The Hett || Joseph Welch, PhD., Piano & Friends Thursday, April […]

McKendree Speech and Debate Opens Spring with Strong Performances

McKendree Speech and Debate Opens Spring with Strong Performances BY JOSEPH BLASDEL, PhD __________________________________________ The McKendree University speech and debate team began its spring semester […]

Academic Excellence Celebration: More than Just a Day Off of School?

Academic Excellence Celebration: More Than Just a Day Off of School? BY MORGAN MABERRY __________________________________________ The Academic Excellence Celebration is a day for students and […]

Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week Calendar

A Message from McKendree’s Center for Public Services “It is time to fight and the first step is awareness.”