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Homesickness is okay: here’s how to deal with it

BY NICOLE FUNG CALLEJA Contributing Writer Imagine your excited, panting dog, your little sister with a glimmer in her eyes, your parents welcoming you to […]

The nightmare of a stolen car

BY ERICA POUR                                             […]

Running Corner

BY TAQUISHA DRISDELL, EDITOR Theme of the Week: Aerobic Endurance                               […]

[Iss. 5]|| Help Fight Off STRESS!

BY KALEIGH ADMIRE Staff Writer Stress is something every college student goes through. If you have not been stressed yet this year, consider yourself lucky. […]

[Iss. 5] || Where to Shop for the Fall: McKendree Style

BY ERICA POUR Contributing Writer We all love new clothes, but if you’re like me, you’ve already realized that trying to find the latest fashions […]

This Major is not for Me!

BY MINDY ALLEN Assistant Editor Do you remember the anxiety you felt before graduating high school when you were concerned with your future? It is […]

The Best Three Websites to Find Internships

BY SHARON BEARD Staff Writer Students are told throughout college that an internship is essential to landing a job after graduation. There can be a […]

The Importance of Being Registered

BY CHELSEY WHEELER Contributing Writer Are you registered to vote at your current address? Voting and registering to vote can be confusing, especially for college […]

Ask the Editors!

ANSWERS: BY THE EDITORS Dear Editors, I am a first-year student at McKendree University and already know what I want to pursue as a career. […]

Zinc Proves to Help Prevent Cold and Flu

BY DONNA BICK It will not be long before cold season starts making its way to campus—and that nasty bug spreads about McKendree University like […]

Department 101: English and Writing

English and Writing Brings More to the Professional World than You May Think… BY KIMBERLY BENNETT The McKendree Review is proud to present the first […]

The “Kill Switch”

BY SHARON BEARD Every morning, millions of people board the subway paying more attention to their cellular phone than their surroundings. A passenger checks his […]

The Voices of Reason

QUESTION:  I am a first-generation student; my parents do not seem to understand the importance of my education. I have been taking out loans to […]

Too Burned out for School?

BY KATI MELTON With finals week quickly approaching, McKendree students, who have procrastinated with their finals projects, papers and homework assignments, are frantically trying to […]

Take a Breath, the End Draws Near

BY BRITANI BEASLEY As we approach the end of the school year, students find it difficult to maintain attendance, participation and interest in their courses. […]

The Voices of Reason

Question:  Hello, I am graduating this semester, and still haven’t found a job yet. Should I keep looking for one that goes with my degree […]

Two Factor Authentication – Why Your Password Just Won’t Do Anymore

BY KEVIN SCHAEFER Contributing Writer We all know that we are supposed to use “good” passwords for our accounts. This usually means that the password […]

The Voices of Reason

Question:  A few days ago, I was placed into a group of students who were made to make my life miserable. The assignment is due […]

Professional Tips for All Majors

Professional Tips for All Majors BY RICK BONSALL, PhD ___________________________________________

Make Mindless Eating Work for You

Make Mindless Eating Work for You BY REBECCA COLLIER, MS, RD Registered Dietitian Adjunct Instructor, Health Promotion and Wellness __________________________________________ Does the thought of “going […]