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All Fun and Games: Video Games and Learning

By Andrew Gardewine, Contributing Writer Lebanon, Ill. – Many people don’t consider video games to be a legitimate source for learning. Video games have been […]

Parking needed on campus!

BY EMILY CONSEVAGE Contributing Writer Parking at McKendree University has been an issue among students and faculty for the past few years. Though the university […]

[Issue 9] Summer Internships: Paying to work for Free?

BY LAUREN APETZ, MEDIA EDITOR I recently took a summer internship through McKendree to work at a local news station in Orlando, Fl. I loved […]

[Iss. 7] || Becoming a College Graduate: Stressors Concerning Your Final Semester of College

BY BRITTANY ANSPACH Staff Writer Many students are in or about to start their final semester at McKendree University. As one of those students, I definitely […]

[Iss. 7] || Acquire Free Money through an App

BY MINDY ALLEN Assistant Editor Are you one of those people who clips coupons? Do you try to cut costs in every way possible? Did […]

[Iss. 7] || Are Long Distance Relationships Worth it in the End?

BY TAQUISHA DRISDELL Staff Writer While approximately 14 to 15 million people in the United States considered themselves to be in a  long distance relationship, […]

[Iss. 7] || Encouraging McKendree Students to Consider Graduating Early

BY KIMBERLY BENNETT Editor-in-Chief  The last three and a half years of college at McKendree University have not been easy, but they were well worth […]

[Iss. 7] || Life Lessons Learned while Traveling with the Team

BY JACOB SCHLOTE Staff Writer Do you ever wonder what it’s like to go on trips with college teams?  To get on a charter bus […]

[Iss. 5] || There May Be a Few Uninvited Visitors Within McKendree’s Walls

BY LAUREN APETZ Staff Writer Have you ever heard unexplained noises while you sleep? Do you feel as though you are being watched? If you […]

[Iss. 5]|| Help Fight Off STRESS!

BY KALEIGH ADMIRE Staff Writer Stress is something every college student goes through. If you have not been stressed yet this year, consider yourself lucky. […]

[Iss. 5] || Where to Shop for the Fall: McKendree Style

BY ERICA POUR Contributing Writer We all love new clothes, but if you’re like me, you’ve already realized that trying to find the latest fashions […]

[Iss. 5] || Sleepy Hollow: A Show You Cannot Miss

A Television Series Review BY KIMBERLY BENNETT Editor-in-Chief Last fall, Sleepy Hollow made its way to Fox and after three episodes, the show was renewed […]

The Best Three Websites to Find Internships

BY SHARON BEARD Staff Writer Students are told throughout college that an internship is essential to landing a job after graduation. There can be a […]

The Importance of Being Registered

BY CHELSEY WHEELER Contributing Writer Are you registered to vote at your current address? Voting and registering to vote can be confusing, especially for college […]

Sailor Moon Returns Better than Ever

BY KIMBERLY BENNETT Editor-in-Chief A few years ago, I wrote an article about the future plans of bringing back Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (美少女戦士セーラームーン Bishōjo Senshi […]

Ask the Editors!

ANSWERS: BY THE EDITORS Dear Editors, I am a first-year student at McKendree University and already know what I want to pursue as a career. […]

Why You Should Join the “McKendree Review”

BY MINDY ALLEN & KIMBERLY BENNETT Have you ever considered writing articles for a newspaper or even joining the staff? Do you like writing in […]

Department 101: English and Writing

English and Writing Brings More to the Professional World than You May Think… BY KIMBERLY BENNETT The McKendree Review is proud to present the first […]

Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” Raises the Bar!

BY EMILY LUCIA  “Why would you want to save the galaxy?” “Because I’m one of the idiots who lives in it!” -Rocket Raccoon & Peter Quill/Star […]

Why Greek Life is for Every College Student

BY BRITANI BEASLEY “Nothing like you expected, but everything you’re looking for.”  Like most college students coming to McKendree University, I was not only nervous […]

A Profile of McKendree’s Model U.N. Program

BY BRYAN GROSS For most of us here at McKendree the time of year when Model U.N. rolls around is nothing more than a time […]

Do you Feel Safe on Campus?

BY JANELLE JANKOWSKI As stated on McKendree University’s website, Public Safety has the duty to ensure students feel safe on campus:  “In order to ensure […]


A FILM REVIEW BY MICHAEL FEEZER Director Jaume Collet-Serra brings us the suspenseful and nerve-racking film, Non- Stop. This 2014, action-packed movie stars Schindler’s List‘s Liam Neeson along […]


A FILM REVIEW  BY KYLE JACKSON Have you ever watched or read a biography that has had you thinking, “What would this world be like […]

Fake Bake: Pros & Cons

BY JANELLE JANKOWSKI Summer is right around the corner, and what easier way would there be to get that sun-kissed- Floridian look than to hit […]

E-cigarettes on McKendree Campus

BY MINDY ALLEN In March, a campus email explained that the smoking policy of McKendree University has been revised to include e-cigarettes, which are banned […]

Town Gown: Connecting With…Lebanon “Vs.” McKendree

BY BRITANI BEASLEY In a small community of 5,523 people, Lebanon, Ill. is a tight knit community full of hometown pride and yearly celebrations that […]

The Voices of Reason

Question:  Hello, I am graduating this semester, and still haven’t found a job yet. Should I keep looking for one that goes with my degree […]

“Native Son”

A Book Review BY KIMBERLY BENNETT At the beginning of 2014, 32 out of 50 states in America still sentence criminals with the death penalty. Lethal […]

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

A Film Review BY EMILY LUCIA In his first post The Avengers appearance, Captain America certainly returned with a punch. With twists and turns you will […]

Online Dating

BY MALIKA KNOX Contributing Writer Social networking is like a stalker; it follows you everywhere you go. It would be almost impossible for a student […]

Attending Events…For a Grade?

BY MINDY ALLEN Assistant Editor Grades are important, especially in college. They might be the deciding factor when applying for a career or they might […]

Two Factor Authentication – Why Your Password Just Won’t Do Anymore

BY KEVIN SCHAEFER Contributing Writer We all know that we are supposed to use “good” passwords for our accounts. This usually means that the password […]

The Voices of Reason

Question:  A few days ago, I was placed into a group of students who were made to make my life miserable. The assignment is due […]

Commuting to McKendree University

BY KIMBERLY BENNETT Co-Editor-in-Chief I’m not going to lie; commuting every day to McKendree to attend classes really sucks. As much as I enjoy McKendree […]

Why Choose a Virtual Internship?

BY SHARON BEARD STAFF WRITER Internships offer great opportunities for students wishing to gain experience in their field of study while working toward their degree. […]

“Arrow” ~ TV Series Review

BY: EMILY LUCIA Assistant Editor “My name is Oliver Queen. For five years I was stranded on an island with only one goal-survive. Now, I […]

“POMPEII” ~ Film Review

BY KIMBERLY BENNETT Co-Editor-in-Chief One of the world’s earliest natural disasters recorded in history. The volcano destroyed two of its surrounding cities in Southern Italy, […]

N.C.I.S. 250th Episode ~ TV Series Review

BY SHARON BEARD Staff Writer CBS reached a milestone, airing its 250th episode “Dressed to Kill” on March 4th. NCIS is in its 11th season […]

Can You Say “Clunky,” “Idiotic,” or How About “Bass-ackwards?”

  BY DONNA BICK _______________________ Have you ever walked into a room with a look of annoyance written all over your face, and thought, “Are […]

“Criminal Minds” Hits 200 Episodes & Keeps Getting Bigger

BY CHRYSTINA PHILLIPS CBS’s long-running crime drama, Criminal Minds, reached a milestone this week: 200 episodes. For all of the fans who have been here […]

The Ultimate Struggle: Rooting for the Chicago Cubs

BY WILL BASLER ______________________ In The Shawshank Redemption, escaped convict Andy Dufresne wrote to his fellow-prisoner and long-time friend Red, “Hope is a good thing, […]

…and the Grammy Goes to…

…and the Grammy Goes to… BY BRITANI BEASLEY ___________________________________________ On Sunday, January 6th of 2014, musicians of many different backgrounds and genres arrived to a […]

Frozen ~ A Film Review

Frozen: A Movie Review BY KIMBERLY BENNETT _________________________________________ In Ancient Greek, there are four different words to describe feelings of love: agape, eros, philia and […]

“Beauty & the Beast” ~ TV Series Review

Beauty & the Beast ~ TV Series Review BY KIMBERLY BENNETT _________________________________________ Before Oct. 11, 2012, I had never come across a television show worth […]