Still Need a Halloween Costume?

by Sophie Jeffery, Contributing Writer Are you a procrastinator and/or a cheapskate?  Need a costume for a last-minute party invite?  You’ve come to the right place, my friend!  I took a trip to the Dollar General in town today and found pieces for lots of super easy costumes that will surely be a big hit. ... Continue Reading →

McKendree’s Most Interesting Man

By Zach Manion, Contributing Writer Lebanon, Ill. - On the surface, Christopher DiOrio seems no different the regular adjunct professor at McKendree University. Most faculty and students know him solely for his teaching. What most don’t know about DiOrio is his life before McKendree; a life full of simplicity and adventure. DiOrio was born in... Continue Reading →

A Boy and His Cows

By JT Russell, Contributing Writer Lebanon, Ill. - As the birds begin to chirp and the grass once again turns a vibrant green, college students can’t help but envision the imminent summer break.  For most college kids, summer break means sleeping in until ten o’clock, road trips with your friends and consuming a few too... Continue Reading →

Think About Your Pink

BY GRACE McDOWELL Staff Writer One in eight women will develop breast cancer in the course of her lifetime. Using those statistics, of the roughly 1,411 female students currently enrolled at McKendree, approximately 176 will develop breast cancer sometime in their lives, roughly 12.5% of the student population. These alarming statistics reveal why breast cancer... Continue Reading →

What’s all the Yammer about?

BY ANNA BELMONTE Staff Writer Join groups. Get connected. Build yet another Facebook-like community. It will replace email; it will make Academia easier; it will keep you informed. We have been hearing a lot about Yammer, that McKendree made the switch from email to social media and that students and faculty should use it. While... Continue Reading →

Please don’t cry about Wi-Fi

BY LAUREN REEVES Staff Writer This semester, students have sent numerous emails. Dialed in hyperventilated & breathless calls. And, frantically marched their way to the Information Technology (IT) department located in the lower level of the Marion K. Piper Academic Center. Why are the students doing this? The reason is that the students of McKendree... Continue Reading →

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