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A Boy and His Cows

By JT Russell, Contributing Writer Lebanon, Ill. – As the birds begin to chirp and the grass once again turns a vibrant green, college students […]

What to make of McKendree’s 40-7 win over Missouri S&T

BY GRANT RIGGS Staff Writer As I first sat down to write this article, I struggled with naming it. On one hand, McKendree had its […]

Seeing the big picture: McKendree’s win against St. Joseph’s

BY GRANT RIGGS Staff Writer At first glance, McKendree’s football game against St. Joseph’s College (SJC) on Oct. 15 seemed like a relatively unimportant game […]

Make or break: Why this Saturday’s game is a must-win for McKendree football

BY GRANT RIGGS Staff Writer In football, a “trap game” is generally described as a game against an opponent that is thought to pose little […]

Football Update

BY KYLE FRANKE                                             […]